does anyone know this childrens movie?

I watched it sometime in the 90s...not sure if it was disney or not but it had to do with litte animals in the woods and pollution of some sort...maybe a type of smog that was hurting them and they had to be saved from...there was an older animal with glasses who helped them too...something involving a truck...and maybe a hot air balloon

im not talking about fern gully btw



yeah I think that's the one...something like a truck crashed and was leaking fumes into the woods and made the old skunk sick....

to bad neither of us know the name lol

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    Once Upon a Forest (1993)

    Wikipedia synopsis:

    The story opens in a forest known as Dapplewood where Furlings (a term for animal children) live alongside their teacher, Cornelius. The four Furlings central to the story are Abigail, a woodmouse; Russell, a hedgehog; Edgar, a mole; and a badger named Michelle, who is Cornelius' niece. One day, the children go on a trip through the forest with Cornelius, where they see a road for the first time. Russell is almost run over by a careless driver, who throws away a glass bottle, which shatters in the middle of the road. Afterward, they return to the forest, only to find that it has been destroyed with poison gas from an overturned tanker truck that blew a tire on the broken bottle. Michelle goes into her house, where she breathes some of the gas and becomes severely ill. Abigail manages to save her, and the Furlings go to Cornelius' house nearby for shelter. There, Cornelius tells the Furlings that they need to fetch two herbs that can help Michelle. With only a limited amount of time, they begin their journey. After encountering numerous obstacles including a hungry owl, a flock of religious wrens, and intimidating construction equipment, the Furlings make it to the meadow with the herbs they need. After collecting some eyebright, they discover that the lungwort is on a cliff, inaccessible by foot. Russell suggests they use Cornelius' airship, the Flapper-Wing-a-Ma-Thing.

    NOTE: You can read the full summary at Wikipedia.

    Here's the movie trailer, but I think the film has been removed from YouTube:

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    Was this the movie where they were all babies animals who had to go on an adventure to find a special plant to save their skunk friend from poison? I remember this movie if this is the one, but not the name :s

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    Haha i was about to say Fern Gully...its like you was reading my mind. O_o

    Sorry i dont know.

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    Dance of the Penguins?

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