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I really need help! It's about online friendships..?

It's a really long story but I'll try to break it up.

I've been friends with this guy I met online for about 2 months. He works as a professional fighter/boxer. We recently confessed to each other that we like each other..uhm..he lives about an hour away from where I live. I've seen all his photos, his fights on youtube, his's the same I know it's not a pedophile. He seems really nice and we were suggesting to meet one day but he's flying overseas in a couple of days..he lives overseas. I told my mum about him and stuff and I asked her again today to see if she's okay with me and him being friends online. She said: 'what if he's not a good person? You can be friends with people in your school..that's enough. You can't tell if people are good or bad even in real life, let alone online'

That really crushed me and she said she's gonna cut our internet if she finds out we're still talking.

She said stuff about fighters being hot tempered and dangerous.

Oh he's also got tattoos but they're done by a monk and protected you from evil stuff. me I really want to stay friends with him. Is there any way I can prove to my mum that he's a good person? Coz I've seen him on webcam and talked to him over the I know what he sounds like...

She refuses to watch his videos and view his photos..

Thanks guys



Nah..I'm not even gonna risk inviting him over for dinner or lunch. We said if we ever met, we'd go meet at the shopping center and go see a movie because he's being cautious as well. Thanks :)

We planned on meeting next year because he trains overseas but he's actually from Australia (where I'm from). So he comes for holidays and stuff. I'm aware of danger on the internet...but I seriously would not invite him over to our house for lunch. Somewhere very public :)

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with continuing your relationship online, but meeting him in person is pretty much out of the question, for now anyway. It is very hard to judge a person's character online. You have to experience certain situations to really gage a person's temper, and attitude towards certain things. I say listen to your mother, believe me, I know how hard that can be...but she is right about this. If he lives over seas, and you continue your relationship and he seems pretty normal, and pretty much the same then try to arrange meeting him. Give it time. Remember if/when you meet him, do not go alone, and go to a very public place!

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    I think that online friendship can indeed be real and honest...the only problem is the talk about things for a while, but then you run out of themes and you don't know what to talk about anymore, because you have no experiences together...thats the problem!

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    Your Mom is right about not being able to know for sure who he really is. You should see if you can invite him over for dinner or something so your Mom can meet him and then decide whether or not she will let you talk to him or see him again. For all you really know some random guy could have found all his pics/videos on myspace or some other website and used them to talk to people (this happens all the time.) If he is a good guy he shouldn't have a problem meeting your Mom! :] Good Luck and Be Safe.

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    You didn't say how old you are.Your mom is looking out for you.

    Invite him to dinner at your house with your mom and dad.

    Trust their judgment.

    You are right you can't tell what people are like even in real life.So don't take the chance meeting him alone.If he has nothing to hide ,he'll except.

    If he's going over seas whats the point,and how old is he.

    I'm a mom of young men and I worry thank your mom.

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    Tell your mom to never judge a book by its cover. She doesn't know him and unfortunately you don't know him as much you think you do regardless of how much time you've spent talking to him. Please take my advice in consideration and don't meet him alone if you plan on doing that. Take someone with you and meet in an open public place. Never tell him your personal information such as phone number, address, school and work place.As far as going against your mom's will, you will have to really convince her that you will be safe if you do meet him. I hope everything goes alright for you and your safety will always come first.

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    You're mom's right you can never fully no what kind of person someone is if you meet online. Ask your mom to join you when and if you do meet this guy. Also bring someone who can protect you. Your best bet is to be aware that he is some guy from the internet. Its really tricky to meet anyone you haven't talk to face to face.

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    Let him know you have to end your relationship, at least for now. Then keep pushing your mom to look at his videos and pictures. Don't push too much though. If that doesn't work, just try re-contacting him in 3 years.

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    if the question is if you should stay friends with him...then sure i dont see why not. but the meeting him part is stupid, if he lives overseas whats the point anyway...and he fights. doesnt sound good. just stay friends online

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