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La Campanella 的問題

Liszt 與 Paganini有甚麼關係?

I play violin and my friend told me that Liszt's La Campanella is a violin piece, is that true?

is that any recordings for me to listen?

I want to play it but I just confuse wif this two musician.


one more thing, what's the piano's character in this song?

accompany violin? or it is the main character?

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    Paganini is a violin virtuoso, while Liszt is a piano virtuoso.

    Liszt's La Campanella is actually no.3 of his "Grandes Etudes de Paganini", which included 6 etudes written by Liszt for solo piano, and these pieces are based on Paganini's Caprices (which are some showpieces for violin)

    La Campanella is a difficult piano solo showpiece (LRSM level), and there are many recordings on Youtube (just search for La Campanella).

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    Thanks very much Sir Elgar.

    I just realized I'm thinking about the forth etude when answering this question. Thanks for correcting me - you are correct there.

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    Just to say something.

    Originally, La Campanella is the 3rd movement of Paganini's Violin Concerto No.2 in B minor (Rondo).

    Later, Liszt rearranged this piece into Paganini etude, which is the piano version we usually listen to.

    Send me emails if you still have questions

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    La Campanella is not from Paganini's caprices.

    There are not duet version for this piece. Paganini wrote for violin and orchestra while Liszt wrote for solo piano.

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