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文章的標題是Capitalism vs. Democracy in Russia,文章內容提到labor-shedding,一整句是Even advocates of privatization now acknowledge that wage subsidies might have protected workers from what they rather charmingly call the "labor-shedding" practices to investors who might not have the political gumption to fire half the staff of newly acquired companies.




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    What is a labor shed? A labor shed is usually represented in the form of a map that delimits a given distance or time from a point that people are willing to commute to and from. For example, imagine a red dot on a map representing a call center. Now imagine driving 5 minutes in one direction from the call center. Stop. Mark a white dot on the map. Go back to the red centroid call center dot. Drive 5 minutes in the opposite direction. Stop. Mark a white dot on the map. Repeat this exercise along major and minor roads leading from the center. Now connect the white dots together in a circle-like figure. This is a crude labor shed map representing a 5-minute commute to/from the call center. This process can be repeated for 10, 20, or 30 minutes, and so on. Eventually, the labor shed will become elongated along interstates and major thoroughfares and less elongated on small roads in neighborhoods. This labor shed, if used correctly, can help a manager effectively recruit and retain employees and market his/her center toward a specific demographic profile as well.

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