how can i fix or find a short in the electrical system?need info on how to troubleshoot an electrical problem ?

already changed battery and alternator. even when turned off it draws power.dies while running

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you don't have appropriate tools,including a good meter, you're best off taking it in to a shop.

    If a car dies while running due to no voltage the charging system isn't doing what it should. Off hand I would suspect the new alternator; either if was defective or damaged on installation. Another possibility is that you have an external voltage regulator that is bad and not allowing the alternator to do it's job.

    A good meter is best but even a $10.00 voltmeter from Radio Shack or an autoparts store will tell you if the alternator is putting +/- 14.6 Volts on the battery. If it isn't, ask an auto parts store if your vehicle uses an external voltage regulator; if it does, replace it.

    Source(s): thirty odd years in the trade; ASE Certified Technician
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    in case you do call the city and characteristic the inspector out, and that's deemed risky or a dangerous difficulty, be prepared to bypass because the sources could be close down and condemned. also, i'm particular the owner will be quite peeved at you for ratting them out as being slum lords and in no way searching after a harmful difficulty. Is it worth it to stay there and characteristic a hearth? i do not imagine so!

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    Take the vehicle to an auto electrical shop.

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