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there is a country song on varsity blues?

theres this song that i cannot figure out who sings it. on varsity when billy bob goes into the coaches office to talk to him there is a country song playing in the background, the only lyrics i can here are "pain just dont explain" and then somthing like my girl she aint with me. its hard to hear with the coach talking. it kinda sounds like rickie skaggs but i cant tell

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    hope this helps

    • "Varsity Blue"

    Performed by Caroline's Spine

    Written by Jimmy P. Newquist

    • "Fly"

    Written by Bob Feddersen, John Sullivan

    Performed by Loudmouth

    • "Nice Guys Finish Last"

    Written by Billie Joe Armstrong, Frank Wright, Michael Pritchard

    Performed by Green Day

    • "My Hero"

    Written by Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear

    Performed by Foo Fighters

    • "Run"

    Written by Ed Roland

    Performed by Collective Soul

    • "Are You Ready For the Fallout?"

    Written by Tony Scalzo

    Performed by Fastball

    • "Horror Show"

    Written by Kevin Cadogan, Stephan Jenkins

    Performed by Third Eye Blind

    • "Every Little Thing Counts"

    Written by Graham Butt, Andrew Pinching

    Performed by Janus Stark

    • "Hot For Teacher"

    Written by Edward Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony

    Performed by Van Halen

    Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.

    By Arrangement with Warner Special Products

    • "Thunderstruck"

    Written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young

    Performed by AC/DC

    • "Nitro (Youth Energy)"

    Written & Performed by The Offspring

    • "Walkin' the Line"

    Written by Wynn Varble, Shawn Camp, Randy Hardison

    Performed by Shawn Camp

    • "My Girlfriend Is a Waitress"

    Written by Rodney Gilbert Hodges, Joe Cabral

    Performed by The Iguanas

    • "The Big Country"

    Composed by Jerome Moross

    Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic

    • "The Aggie War Hymn"

    Written by J.V. 'Pinky' Wilson

    • "Dolphin Fight Song"

    Written by Jed Leiber

    • "Problems"

    Written by Jaime Marroquin, Lawrence Cevallos, Carlos Hernandez

    Performed by the Flamin' Hellcats

    • "Unnoticed"

    Written by Mark Kano with Anthenaeum

    Performed by Anthenaeum

    • "Love-a-rama"

    Written by Leon O. Bass

    Performed by Southern Culture on the Skids

    • "Texas Flood"

    Written by Larry Davis, Joseph Scott

    Performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan

    • "One Foot in Front of the Other"

    Written by Lee Roy Parnell, Cris Moore

    Performed by Lee Roy Parnell

    • "Disappear"

    Written by Christopher Ward, Saffron Henderson, Oliver Leiber

    Performed by Saffron Henderson

    • "The Wayward Wind"

    Written by Herb Newman and Stanley Lebowsky

    Performed by Tex Ritter

    • "Pride of San Jacinto"

    Written by James Wallace

    Performed by The Reverend Horton Heat

    • "You Blew Me Off"

    Written & Performed by Bobby Bare Jr.

    • "Valley of the Pharaohs"

    Written by Jerry Donahue

    Performed by the Hellecasters

    • "Lonesome Ain't the Word"

    Written by Wynn Varble, Randy Hardison

    Performed by Shawn Camp

    • "Same Old Feeling Feeling"

    Written by Doodle Owens, Russ Roberts, Christie Freel Speer

    Performed by Tim Buppert

    • "If Your Girl Only Knew"

    Written by Tim Mosley, Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott (as Missy Elliott)

    Performed by Aaliyah

    • "Boom Boom Boom"

    Written by Robert Gilbert Hodges

    Performed by The Iguanas

    • "Voices Inside My Head"

    Written by Amber Villanueva Smith, Derrick Trotman

    Performed by Amber Sunshower

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