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If The Red Sox Get Hanley Back, Who Has The Power In The AL East?

The Red Sox are reportedly looking to get Hanley Ramirez back from the Marlins. If this happens, Boston will probably move him to CF. Being a 30+ Hr, and 30+SB guy, plus a very smart player, would this greatly help shift some of the power back to the Red Sox in the AL East?

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    The red sox will NOT get hanley back.

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    does reportedly mean "I just made this up cause I wish it would happen?!" There is no way the Red Sox get Ramirez back, the Marlins just gave him the only big contract in franchise history and the Sox do not have a package capable of enticing the Marlins to let him go.

    Quit dreaming!

    Edit: I eat my words on you making this up with the source, but I still say there is no freaking way this happens. Hanley Ramirez is one of the best players in MLB today, and the Marlins will not trade him.

    So I still say, quit dreaming!

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    They wouldnt move him to CF. The red sox would start him at short replacing Lugo and Lowrie. If I were the red sox I would give up anybody for him. He is the best offensive ss in the game

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    why would they move him to CF, ellsbury is there, keep him at SS and tell lowry to sit the bench, you want lowry over hanley at SS .. WHAT

    edit: Nevermind i read the artice, and it seems as it wont happen , id give up bucholtz but not sure about the fastest man in the league Ellsbury, it seems all talks are dead, but a power SS would be a nice first in boston, havent seen one since Nomar

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    The SI rumor mill is about as reliable as the weather. They make up more stories than George Bush JR.

    Hanley has never ever played Center field hes allways been a SS. Moving him to center would be like telling Jeter hey we signed this kid your moving to Center.

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    They said it was during the winter meetings and like all good GMs Benefiest listen, but didn't let things go far after that. He'd really have to be bowled over, I'm talking Lester, Ellsbury, Anderson, +++

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    The Red Sox will not get Hanley back, but if they would a lot of Yankees fans would be pissed, which would make my day.

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    This ain't gonna happen but if it did, I still say the Yankees are the team to beat in the AL East

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    Yankees will still be number one and IF the yankees get manny ramirez the AL east is wrapped up

  • no way that happens. the marlins would ask for way too much, and boston won't sell the farm for one kid.

    and where did you get this crap about moving him to center?

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