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Packing List - New Mexico?

Heyy, so im heading down to New Mexico in march to see my boyfriend when he comes home from overseas... im only going for about a week and a half or 2. im not sure what i should pack? i also dont know what the weather will be like down there in march? probaly scorching but just wondering!

thanks :)



Albuquerque area i think

or wherever Kirtland Air Base is

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    New Mexico is very bipolar in March...

    Bring (or wear) a light jacket and pack a heavier one- believe it or not, it can be really cold sometimes.

    Jeans (or pants) will do. You might want a pair of shorts... but it probably won't be hot enough to neeeed them.

    Pack sunscreen. You never know.

    Anything you miss, you can always buy :) The base has convenient shops.

    Source(s): I live in ABQ
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    i live in albuquerque, the weather here is really sporatic... one day it will be really freakin hot and you need shorts and the next day it will snow. it's not super cold here when it snows because the sun comes out and it melts right away. in march it could go either way and can be windy then too, but it will probably be sunny. it doesnt really get "scorching" until around may. i would bring a jacket with a hood (not real heavy one), a sweater, jeans, and a tshirts. nothing really special... bring sunscrean though, you'd be suprised how the sun will get to you here.

    i would just look the weather up on the net right before you come. they are pretty acurate with the forcasts here.

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    what city will you be going to? At this time of the year, it can make a big difference due to different climatic ranges of NM

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