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ok i just about had it with my dog?

i just about had it with my dog she doesnt want to play walk come to me lick me just nothin all she does is go under my bed and stays there all day and doesnt come out unless i give her a treat and she snags it and runs back under my bed i need help i really dont know what else to do

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    Ditto a few others...this dog has had some sort of trauma...whether before you owned it or at your house. Can you provide more info, such as age of dog, type of dog, how long have you had her, where did you get her, how do you interact with her?

    You need to start working with this dog on simple obedience immediately to start forming some sort of bond.

    Does she wear a collar? If not, get one (not a prong!) and make her wear it. Get a 6 inch leash that is 1/2 to 3/4 and TIE IT around your belt loop, so that she has enough slack to walk beside you. This way she is going everywhere you are going. Have stashes of treats around to reward her, you can teach her come, sit and stay all while she is tied to your belt loop. When she is not attached to you, she needs a crate.....a crate is not a punishment.....I have raised dogs my entire life. Even the older rescues who hated the crate initially learned to love them...once they are fully potty trained, you can put bedding in there and a chew toy and they will naturally lie there on their own...yes, the first day to week or two may be a pain, but dogs NEED a den of their own....give her one, so she doesn't have to crawl under you bed. Since she likes dark places, use a sheet or blanket to cover her crate to help her out.

    Your dog has to learn that you are there to love and care for her...if you give her away, that's just one more reason she has to never trust anyone else, either. However, if you are punishing her for her behavior, then it is doing neither of you any good.

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    There's a lot of things that could cause this.

    Do you hit her? Is she a rescue? Did you recently get her? Has someone else hit her? Is she sick?

    There's so many things that could be going on.

    If you hit her, you better stop before someone sticks your butt in jail. If someone else is hitting her, you need to send them to court.

    Now that the worst possibilities are over, let's move on. If she's a rescue, and you've gotten her recently, this is probably the reason. Just let her be. Ever seen those commercials that say "the most rewarding part of adopting is when your pet adopts you"? You have to wait for her to warm up. Trying to push her won't help. If you've gotten her recently from any where else, she's probably afraid and isn't sure of you or her surroundings yet. It's best to leave her alone and pretend like she's not there in this situation.

    If none of these things are going on as I said above, you may want to make a trip to the vet. If you've owned her awhile and no one abuses her, just drag her out from under there, and take her over to the vet. This could be something serious. Dogs don't just do this for no reason.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like she's had it with you. She's been sending you all of these signals that she needs something and what she's gotten in return is frustration from you. I'd hide under the bed as well.

    If this is all of a sudden take her to the vet, she could be sick. If she's a new dog do things to build her confidence. It all depends on how long you've had the dog and what else is going on. Dog's just do not act this way for no reason.

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    This sounds like behavior of an abused or very scared dog. What is going on in your home that would make her hide under your bed all day? Do you take her for walks, take her out to socialize with other people and dogs. maybe you need to take her to the vet and have him check her out for some kind of medical issue.

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    Ok first off you said dog not puppy so I assume you have had her for a while and to me it sounds like this dog has been hit...maybe not by you but by someone!

    Have patients and take time with the dog is she has been hit she will be very cautious and stay away from people, just with your title on your question I can see you are short tempered with her and she doesn't deserve that. If you are not the one who hit her then take time to gain her trust. I once had to sit on a floor of a strangers house for 4 hours to get a 4 months old puppy to just come to me because she had been hit by someone else, once she did come she realized I wasn't going to hurt but was still weary of me

    Source(s): I own & run a rescue
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    A normal, healthy, well socialized, well, trained, loved dog who gets love and exercise does not act like this. You need to talk with a professional. She's been abused somewhere, whether it was at your house or another place but that dog is scared of something. Her safe place is under your bed.

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    Take her to a vet. My dog had puppies under my bed,but that may not be the case. She might be sick. Buy her some toys. Give her a treat then try to pet her and tell her good girl. But you should take her to the vet. Number one priority.

    Source(s): Had a problem similar to that.
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    Does she have a reason not to trust you, or anybody living in the same place as you? Dogs don't naturally hide under beds, there has to be further problem.

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    Well it seems as if the dog has went through something tramatic and she is scared. I would get her and sit holding her everyday for a certain amount of time. Dont give up cause she is just scared and she needs someone to help her.

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    First answer is right. It could be that she is afraid or you, OR she could just have "weak nerves" meaning she was born this way (very fearful, it's due to poor breeding).

    ADD: Whatever you do, do NOT comfort her. Dogs misinterpret comforting as praise and continue the scared behavior thinking that is how they are SUPPOSE to react.

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