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How much should I charge to design a web site?

I am going to be designing and maintaining a website for someone I know, but I don't know how much I should charge. I will be doing it from scratch as well as maintaining the site. She is a horse breeder so I will be frequently updating the site with new pictures and taking the sold horses off. Is it better to charge a flat rate or log my hours and charge hourly?

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    I think the amount you charge should depend on the complexity of the site.

    On the low end of the scale, if you are writing flat html files that require you to edit them whenever the customer has a change in their inventory, that's not a very specialized skill. That would probably be worth $40/hour development and $20/hour maintenance. Especially since it will require regular maintenance and debugging each time.

    On the top end of the scale, if you are designing an inventory database (maybe with MySQL) and writing a server app with JSPs, Java with Spring MVC and IOC, and Hibernate as the ORM, and a layered orthogonal architecture, then sure, that's worth $100/hour or more. Such a web site would have an owner screen where they could create, update, and delete inventory items (horses, in this case). It would probably use a CSS framework and professional looking layout design. It would also be overkill for such a small site.

    Somewhere in-between you might find PHP, or Python instead of the Java stack. A little less maintainable (ie. development changes aren't as fast), but inventory (stock, prices, description, etc) is still updatable by the customer. I would charge somewhere in the $60-$80/hour range for that.

    You could also develop it with a CMS of some sort. I'm not sure what one would reasonably charge for that. I'd guess similar to the php solution. But it would allow the customer to edit the content (sale listings).

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    Definately pass with an hourly value, yet you will possibly not get any clientele till you provides them a ballpark total. you're new to the business enterprise, so perchance initiate with a flat fee (define what they gets for that - like homepage with 3 related pages) for say $500. Then charge an hourly value for differences or extra progression. diverse information superhighway features (animation, sound, different information superhighway hyperlinks) are uncomplicated or tougher to do, so be careful. An hourly value may be approximately $30/hour. you ought to call some places who do information superhighway layout and ask them for his or her costs (for assessment). HTML is perplexing till now each little thing ~ in spite of in case you have a information superhighway dressmaker application to help with the language. this is like programming.

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    Whats worth, nobody has a clue how to value things.

    I say you just throw a number out there and have fun. See if they say yes or no to it you never know until you try, after that you can work with them it will be more relaxing then guessing and stressing.

    Good luck, don't think about it so much, to some quoting can pull your emotions don't let it just do it!

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    This is what I charge.

    Creating the site:


    Maintaining/hosting the site:


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    First of all it depends on what website ur on and long u create ur website. I would say about 10~$100 depending on the website and how long u make it.

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    ask someone with experience you might know

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