PF Changs............?

I heard that PF Changs is a really good restaurant.

Anyone wanna give me their opinion on the food...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, let me say I am Chinese. I was born in Hong Kong, I lived closed to SF Chinatown for a long time, I cooked Chinese food on a daily basis. I know what Chinese foods are like.

    PF Chang does not serve authentic Chinese food, but that does not mean it is bad. It is just different. Its dishes are a mix of Chinese, pan-Asian with a American twist. Here are the good things: the restaurant atmosphere is nice, formal but not overwhelming. It is a place where a company can host an interviewed candidate for dinner. The quality of the food is definitely good. The meat in PF Chang is definitely of better "cut" than that from a typical Chinese restaurant. The vegetables are fresh, but typical Chinese restaurants have fresh veggie as well.

    The not-so-good things are: the price is relatively high for the quantity of food you get. Most dishes are not very bad, and they usually costs between $12-18. So a two person dinner can easily go up to about $50.

    The cooking style is not exactly Chinese, but that is just different, and I don't count it against it. If you want authentic Chinese food, then you will disappointed, but if you go in with an opened mind and simply want to try something different, then I think you will enjoy it.

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    It's a good restaurant. The food is NOT authentic. PF stands for Paul Fleming - an American guy who was the founder.

    BUT -- the food is still good. They have a lot of different options, noodles, rice dishes, chicken, pork, beef, seafood. If you enjoy regular Chinese takeout (which is generally also not authentic Chinese), then you will also enjoy PF Changs.

    It is much nicer than some takeout places, because the decor and atmosphere make for a nice dining experience, but you can still order food to go. Also, the prices are reasonable.

    Bonus: they have a bar, which most Chinese places do not.

  • Flower
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    1 decade ago

    PF Changs is good. It's just not AUTHENTIC Chinese. You will know the difference if you've ever had AUTHENTIC Chinese Food. I always crave for AUTHENTIC Chinese Food, but PF Changs is a good substitution, it beats eating at Panda Express and I enjoy the ambiance there. Our favorite dishes there are the LETTUCE WRAPS and SICHUAN FROM THE SEA SCALLOPS, even my 7 year old enjoys the SICHUAN FROM THE SEA SCALLOPS when he didn't even bother to eat any kind of Seafood until we had that.

    Yes it is a bit pricey that is why we only go there on occasions and on days when we think it isn't packed because it's so popular that it gets packed and sometimes loud. With a 9 month old we prefer a quiet setting than a loud one.

  • 4 years ago

    I first ate at a PF Chang's about 6 years ago and loved it. However, about 3-4 years ago, something changed. I am allergic to MSG. Chang's swears they don't use it, but tell my migraine, bloating, diahrrea that. To all those who suffer from the ill effects of MSG, PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR YOUR HEALTH!

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  • 4 years ago

    My wife and I ate at one in Cincinnati and Charlotte and both times were delighted!! It does not have a buffet. And, may I suggest that you get the lettuce wraps as an appetizer. It is great!! It is a higher class Chinese restaurant. Very nice. But I dont mean its formal. Just alot nicer than your "run of the mill" chinese restaurants.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    PF Changs is overpriced fake Chinese food. But, I'm being harsh because I have eaten the real thing. If there's a chinatown close to you, ANYTHIGN you get there will be 10x better and cheaper than whatever you get at PF Changs.

  • 1 decade ago

    OMG when I visited the States with my Canto boyfriend, we stopped in there to eat. BIG MISTAKE! It was greasy, had all kinds of weird ingredients (like a wonton filled with cream cheese - how does that resemble chinese at all?), and weird American food that just had ginger, garlic and soy sauce thrown into it to make it 'Asian.' I could have sworn I found MSG crystals in the fried rice (also bad... really crap quality rice) even though they say they don't use MSG. It might've been something similar like free glutamates in the food...

    Seriously, go to a real dim sum place or something, it's way cheaper and way tastier.

  • KC
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    1 decade ago

    Everyone loves the lettuce wraps but I don't see the appeal... the dan dan noodles are pretty good and there was a great hot dish with chicken and sliced potatoes and hunan sauce. But overall regular Chinese is more appealing, I think.

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