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How long does it take to get promoted to PFC from PV2?

What is the average time? I was reading around and I have heard it take 2 years for some guys to get PFC. That just seems wrong.

I am 11B and in Airborne hold right now so I will be going to an Airborne unit.

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    to advance to PFC With a Waiver need to have 6 Months Time in service and 2 months time in grade.

    It is wrong to wait 2 years to be promoted to PFC... hmm maybe your thinking PFC TO SPC? If that is the case to be promoted to SPC you need to have 18 TIS and 3 months TIG.

    Also they may not be getting promoted for other reasons.. loss of rank which means they must wait until they are full qualified in order to advance, flagged for pt failure, being over weight, and or adverse actions.

    As my Battalion S1 Promotions and Awards clerk. I think I know what I am talking about. look it up for yourself AR 600-8-19

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    Promotion To Pfc

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Here is the current policy on advancing in rank for the US Army before initial entry training. JROTC (1 year) E-1 (no advancement) JROTC (2 + years) E-2 SROTC (1 year) E-2 Referral E-1 (no advancement) Completed Basic Training Task List (BTTL) E-1 (no advancement) Referral + BTTL (Combo Rule) E-2 Earned Eagle Scout or Gold Award E-2 You can also get promoted based on college credits. If you have 48 college semester hours you can come in at any time as an E-3. EDIT: For clarity. Getting someone else to enlist with you will no longer get you promoted. Neither will completing the training with your recruiter. You will need to do BOTH in order to get promoted. That is the Combo Rule mentioned above.

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    Eligibility criteria for automatic promotion to PV2, PFC, and SPC will be as follows: The promotion to PV2 requirement is 6 months TIS.

    The promotion to PFC requirements are 12 months TIS and 4 months TIMIG.

    The promotion to SPC requirements are 24 months TIS and 6 months TIMIG.

    Waivers for TIS and TIMIG:

    Promotion to PV2 may be waived at 4 months TIS.

    Promotions to PFC may be waived at 6 months TIS and 2 months TIMIG

    Promotions to SPC may be waived at 18 months TIS and 3 months TIMIG.

    There are no waiver limitations in

    determining waiver allocations for the USAR or ARNGUS. (such as unit strength)

    I'm not sure if your enlsiting as a Private or PV2.

    Depending what your enlisting as, you can also gain rank by sucessfully completing Stripes for Skills or Grap.

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    About 6 to 9 months. If it takes longer you have a problem.

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    I came in as an E-1 and I got promoted to E-2 during graduation of basic training. I had no time in between I enlisted week later went to basic. I'm an 88m idk if that has anything to do with it.

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