memory card slot under laptop battery?

under the battery in my dell inspiron 1525 laptop, there is a memory card slot with a pic of a memory card! what is it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I also have this laptop noticed the same slot....

    says m2 x L3 (i think) - seems like it would be a level three cache (Vista ReadyDrive?)

    From what i can tell (online searching), it is for a SIM card if you have a cellular internet card installed.... dang.

    I might try putting in a old cheap SD card and see how that fits/works.

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  • brandl
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    3 years ago

    this is not a difficulty. determination One: there's a USB cable offered with the digital digital camera to enable the laptop to benefit the memory card innovations 2: you should purchase a USB card reader that plugs into your laptop and facilitates the memory card to be plugged into it. the two way you're coated no subject. If via employing "2000" you propose homestead abode windows 2000 you should choose for for the CD offered with the digital digital camera to load the drivers for the digital digital camera. easy finished!

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