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Modern Classical Composer who includes weird noises like toasters popping?

I'm looking for the name of this composer that recently (07/08) released an album that is definitely classical music but he also put random sounds into the record like toasters popping and other weird noises like that. Anyway does anyone know his name? I think possibly he was Asian-ish if that helps...

If you have no answer to this then you can just give me the name of some NEW classical composers that rock, not like the old stuff you always hear ya know?

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    Stephen G has already mentioned my prome suspect here - Malcolm Arnold. Another would be Erik Satie, whose ballet 'Parade' uses a number of such sounds (a typewriter, a foghorn, milk bottles, pistol shots, rattles, sirens, etc etc). My money would be on this.

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    Vaughan Williams Ravel Shostakovich Dutillieux Prokofiev

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    John Cage

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    David Gillingham has played with some interesting sound effects.

    The original is John Cage.

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    FWIW Ligeti's overture for his opera Le Grand Macabre is scored for old motor horns, and his Poeme Symphonique requires 100 metronomes.

    Malcolm Arnold's Grand Grand Overture is scored for 3 vacuum cleaners, a floor polisher, 4 rifles and orchestra.

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    try the cinematic orchestra that's modern classical with ambient noise in the mix they also do some sampling you would probably like it

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    try Steve Reich

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    jim brickman's got some neat stuff. it's kinda classical.

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