Virus? No Desktop Icons or Task Bar?

This just started today. I was on my computer like always. My icons were disappearing and reappearing for quite awhile. I figured it would go away. I looked after awhile when i noticed there was NO task bar. I saw NO Desktop icons too. I cant access my task bar at all and there are no icons. Could this be a Virus?

Btw: It wont let me run Avast Anti virus or Spy bot. It freezes up half way threw the scan! I need help please. What do I do is the a Virus? How do i get rid of it?


We have rebooted completely and ran the virus scan every time after but still nothing. It freezes half way threw any virus scan. Even my b/f cant figure it out and he knows allot about computers.

Update 2:

From using the first site suggested i have almost 2,000 things wrong on my computer. No free software will fix that many problems. *cry*

Update 3:

we will try the Major Geek thing soon. Heck we will try anything right now. Thanks for your answers. Keep them coming I want to get this fixed soon. :)

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    Get the Advanced System Care program. It will search for, find and repair your computer problems. It helped me tremendously. It will tell you if your settings are corrupted and fix them.

    Below is a link to a site that explains in more detail about the Advanced System Care from IOBIT. It also, on top of it, gives you the FREE and LEGAL registration code for 180 days of the PRO version.

    This program has saved my entire hard drive. Windows told me it's shot, dead, done with - I ran the special utility Disk Check from Advanced Systems Care and it replaced missing and corrupted files and my computer was saved.

    It won't hurt to try it out, for your and your computer's sake.

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    Chances are that your antivirus program isn't going to pick up whatever is there. Virus is used to mean so many things. I suggest running through this guide - it's safe and uses free software and the only caution I would issue is make sure you follow the instructions properly, especially in relation to ComboFix:

    It might take a little while waiting for the scans but the results will be worth it.

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    5 years ago

    ok, your explorer is not running so press your CTRL + ALT + DELETE to get task manager up and then from there hit the applications tab then choose New tab. in this box type explorer and then hit OK. This should bring up the start menu etc. Last known config wont work because it only remembers the last successful log in. When you do the above thing try doing a system restore back to the time before you updated flash. If that dont work contact me if you want as i can help you more

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    1 decade ago

    Have you rebooted? if you can't just power down and power up and see if the system is stable again. I would still perform a virus scan after the reboot.

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    1 decade ago

    try putting your hard drive on another computer as a secondary and scanning with an AV

    that would definatly help

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    1 decade ago

    try searching about it...

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