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Help with Child abuse/Endangerment case. I need Advice?

My Husbands Friend and the Best man in Our wedding is a good guy. My husband now 24 and his Friend who is 19 grew up next to each other when my husband moved from Russia to the USA.

Here is the Help I need.

Jr who is my husbands Friend lives in Complete Fifth with his 13 year old sister and Parents. They have 7 cats who Pee and Poop everywhere, In the Kitchen on the furniture Etc. Every time we go visit the Whole house reeks of piss and poop. There are filthy dishes with Bugs swarming in the Kitchen.The Daughters bed reeks of Cat peep and poop and is nasty. Her clothing is Dirty and there only Bathroom leeks and as mold everywhere.

I can't Stand going into the house. Every time I do visit the daughter complains of being hungry and there is only dirty nasty food in the Kitchen so I end up taking her out.This family is a Nice family but has fallen on hard times. But I breaks my heart seeing the condition that the family lives in. I have invited them to my house for dinner but they cannot afford the gas to drive 20 miles. I have gotten the Daughter clothing and things she needs. My husband and I just bought our first house, Its is small but very clean and cozy. We have invited Jr and his Sister to stay with us but because of work and school it's just too far.

My husband was only 12 when he met the family and things were different then.

I really want to help them but I don't see how else I can. What Do I do?


I am only 22 and adopted myself from a similar situation. I am not sure how far helping will go.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can't just take in a 13 year old. Big should report the filth to the authorities. Animal Control can come and seize the animals and adopt them out to loving homes...Child Services can make sure there is adequate (and clean) shelter as well as assist with food and clothing too. They may allow you to foster the girl but you can't just take her in without the proper authorities allowing it. You don't want the parents to get all twisted and charge you with kidnapping...yeah, I know you're shaking your head - but stranger things have happened. Report the conditions and then be there to help with the fallout - one way or another.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is a very heart wrenching situation..But you need to do what is right for the child. You should possibly talk to the parents about her moving schools to come stay with you..or something in that nature.

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  • 1 decade ago

    short of moving them in and supporting them there is nothing you can really do ~ you could report them to Social services and maybe them coming out might get the parents to clean up the house it sounds like the parents have giving up

    but in no way are you able to help the parents they have to help them self's and their kids

    the only other thing you can do is report them

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