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is ciara and kelis really a man?

if someone has found a site which says they are or aren't plz let me know. coz i'v eheard that that ciara was born a hermaphrodite and she got rid of her male organ and kelis is a tranny thats what i heard is this true and if u all know a site which has any answers plz let me know

thanks in advance for ur support

btw is the hills really staged coz i am beginning to think its true coz its going in circles and funny how the cast is all white ah


i mean that the cast of the hills is all white every new person who comes on it is all white and i meant funny in a sarcastic there isnt any thing funny about it

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    i don't know anything about kelis. but what i've read about ciara (can't remember where though) was that, as wierd as this sounds, she was born with a twin brother and they were attached close to the you know where region but her twin was a still born while she survived. i don't think she's a hermaphrodite and i'm not sure whether or not what i wrote above is true but its just what i've heard.

    as far as the hills being staged. i'd say yes and no. my friend nick who goes to ucla is really good friends with audrina and somewhat knows heidi. he's told me that heidi does not work at bolthouse productions and that the crew goes in about once a month to shoot scenes there. also he said that none of the main cast new each other before the show started and that they were casted and tested out to see how well they clicked with lauren and each other. its not scripted but they get put into planned situations and are filmed reacting in real time. and some of the scenes are completely unplanned and real but they get edited to create sequential story line that puts everything out of place so the producers play out the story like a regularly scripted drama. as far as the cast being all white (i'm not racist) but who cares. there are tons of tv shows out there with an all white cast a ton with an all black cast, and others with a racially diverse cast. just so happens this happens to have an all white cast. i'm sure if a black person came into the picture and had something new to bring to the show they would be on there too. the producers probably just haven't come across one yet. i dunno.

    Source(s): this video has audrina kind of admitting to the show being fake:
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    ciara is not a man. its a rumor some say she was on oprah confirming it but she said shes never met oprah. its a lie.

    i think..... she should have never done that song "like a boy". lol

    as for kelis i doubt nas(her husband) would have married her cuz that would have been kinda weird

    the hills totally staged ever notice how another cameraman happens to be at the other persons house when they call? coincidence i dont think so!!

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    No they are not man.&what in the world do you mean wth that comment about the hills.!

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