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How many calories in Quality Street Toffees?

One website says 47 each, one says 40, or is it more?


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    Hallo, i come from Germany (Munich) and i speak only a little bit school englisch, but a understand your question,

    i have Quality Street Toffees at home,

    and i look in the WWW:

    100 g = 461 kcal

    Excuse me, is in german, but is the same;

    Many greetings from and a Happy New Year from bavaria;

    Good Luck;


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  • 3 years ago

    Quality Street Calories

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  • Cristy
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    4 years ago

    The quality is still there, you just have to go a little further to get it. First put toffee in pocket, leave for approx 15 minutes, remove from pocket, remove wrapper using tweezers, eat toffee. mmmm best way! warm and sticky!

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