TPS Where do i start I am clueless?

My husband is from el salvador. He came here illegally. We now have a family so i need him to be here. We live in northern California.What can i do to help him get TPS. How much does it usually cost lawyer paper work all that stuff. Also he has a misdemeanor (DUI) will this effect him?

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    Well, if he isn't already registered, I don't think he'll be able to apply at this point.

    This is from, but it's from 2001. The more recent announcements only deal with extensions. just plug in TPS into the search window, and you'll pick up all the various announcements on the different TPS programs.

    An alien who is a national of El Salvador (or in the case of a alien having no nationality, a person who last habitually resided in El Salvador) is eligible for TPS benefits if the alien (1) has been continuously physically present since the date of publication of the Federal Register notice; (2) continuously resided in the United States since February 13, 2001; (3) is admissible as an immigrant (some waivers of inadmissibility may be granted); and (4) registers for TPS within the time specified by the Attorney General—18 months from the date of publication in the Federal Register.

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    Two convictions would work against his chances. If he only has one misdemeanor conviction, that will not make him ineligible.

    He needs to submit Forms I-821, I-765, 2 photos, and evidence of nationality and identity and proof of residency in accordance with 8 CFR 244.9. CIS will do the fingerprints.

    There may be fees involved.

    Send everything to: Citizenship and Immigration Services

    Attn: TPS El Salvador

    P.O. Box 8670

    Chicago, IL 60680-8670

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    You are not suppose to marry an illegal immigrant and the authority (in any country) who allowed you two to get married is not doling its job in warning you of the consequences.

    Have him go back and apply the legal way.

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    You need to start with a good immigration attorney. This is the best place to find one....

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    he needs to return to where he belongs and apply the right way, he will be subject to deportation and a ban placed on him. you knew the risks getting involved with an illegal criminal. it is a $250,000 fine and 5 years in jail for aiding and abetting an illegal. thankfully marriage does not guarantee him a green card in this country. sooner or later he will be caught and deported so it is better for him to return to where he belongs on his own.

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    I hope you can get good legal advice because you won't get much in the way of sympathy. Your husband went to the US illegally which means he will likely get deported. A DUI may be a misdemeanour in the US but he still broke the law...twice now!

    Be prepared to hear a lot of "...deport him now...", "...get the (nasty four letter word here) out..." and other remarks that support tightening of the borders.

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