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Blood doping by Cherepanov?

I guess they don't test players overseas?

Do we now see a rash of tests in the NHL and other leagues to prevent this from happening again?I'm sure they do test in the NHL,correct?

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    The KHL apparently entered into some agreement with the Russian Anti-Doping Federation after this happened -for whatever thats worth-and they also would submit samples to the World Anti-doping Federation under some sort of deal...

    NHLers are tested a MINIMUM of twice a year...

    the head of the World anti-doping federation (Dick Pound) a Canadian lawyer called in essentially by the IOC to investigate steroid use after the Salt Lake city Olympics made quite a stir here 2 (or was it 3) years ago when he stated in the media that at least a 3rd of all NHL players were taking performance enhancing drugs...Don Cherry was livid and blasted him on Hockey Night In Canada and demanded he show proof...Pound later admitted he had none and that it was just a number he pulled out of the air,,,essentially it looked like a publicity stunt-since no one in Canada knew or really cared who he was anyway...and still doesnt...

    Source(s): LOL.....sorry Bob...He's one of those politically correct not reallllllllllly a Canadian EDIT-**Tom...if the NHL players function under such lax testing why is it none of them were busted during /after the Turin Olympics in 2006?..Olympic standards are about as tough as they come...And incidentaly re; Clemens-major league baseball suspended testing in 2004-in an effort to reduce the number of positive tests lol...they just didnt bother to tell the US congress-Clemens didnt fail because he wasnt tested,,,
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    What a shame to hear. If they would've done testing they would have found this out and he'd still be here today.

    I'm sure they have testing in the NHL.....scratch that, I'm positive they have testing in the NHL, so I really don't expect to see a rash of testing in the NHL.

    Thanks for posting this Joe, I hadn't heard this until now.

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    When the NHL tests for performance Enhancing drugs in a proper and effective way. Then they can say that their's is a clean sport. They neither test in the off season with un announced tests (when steroids are best used). Nor do they do blood testing which could detect HGH. Also they do not test for amphetimines nor charge players who are using masking agents.

    A semi rectal testing program is worse than none. It allows the tested to claim that they are clean when nothing is proven.

    Source(s): Did Roger Clemons use PED's? Did he ever fail a test?
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    i don't think any of NHL russians do dope at least i hope not that would really be cheating to get stronger and better i hope it does not happen in the NHL and yes i heard about this story this morning and i was disapointed he was a great player even with out dope. I don't think russians need to take dope to get them self better or stronger as they where once the fiittist nation in the world the soviets have such strong athletic abilities back then. In 1972 canada was already out of breath after the first period. But about the story all i feel is disapointment.

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    The article says that the tests showed that there were no drugs or alcohol at the time of Cherepanov's death but there were traces of steroids used within the past several months prior to his death. This wasn't KHL's investigation, authorities got involved, so this was triggered that there was no defibrillator at the arena and no paramedics on hold... They blame it on the fact that he had a heart issue that wasn't diagnosed and lack of equipment versus steroids.

    While the proper medical attention very well could've saved him, this should also be a lesson on steroid use. Such a shame.

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    It's always a shame when someone doesn't take heed of the warnings, particularly one as young as Cherepanov.

    Yes, the NHL already has provisions already in place for drug testing. An excerpt From the Player's Assoc website-


    Following their orientation session on the program, every NHL player will be subject to up to three "no-notice" tests from the start of training camp through the end of the Regular Season. Testing is conducted as follows: 10 teams will be subject to one no-notice test, 10 teams will be subject to two no-notice tests and 10 teams will be subject to three no-notice tests.

    Full Link-

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    I read a report (maybe it is mentioned in your article, haven't read it et) that FIVE other KHL players are having heart problems. It would seem.

    I also came across the name of Washington Caps rookie goalie Simeon Varlamov was rumoured to be linked to steroids.

    What a mess this whole Cherapanov thing has been from top to bottom.

    Yes, the NHL does test.

    Source(s): don't have to admit that Pound is Canadian, stop embarrassing me. LOL
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    How many hockey teams have a director of negligence?? lol

    Test all NHL draftees and eligibles playing in Europe. He was likely trying to pad his stats.

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    Wow. What a pisser. I totally had not heard about that. I am sure they probably already test for them seasonally in the NHL.

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    Looks like that club is going to be shelling out mega moola. Another tragedy to performance enhancers. You'd think other sports, especially baseball, would learn from this.

    Source(s): Not saying that performance enhancers alone did this. But what if another athlete out there is taking these, and has no idea that his blood isn't flowing right?
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