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Can you live on just fruit and vegetables?

I mean 100% just fruit, vegetables and juices.

No grains or anything like that (except corn obviously).

I am just curious if I can do this without ending up in hospital a couple of days in, I am not interested in hearing a protein argument since that is something I feel rather safe on and I am going to be eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables not just carrots or whatever.

So can I do this and remain healthy?




People really don't know much about protein!

Did you know that a serve of broccoli has as much protein as a steak?

Did you know that your body can't use protein it needs amino acids and that eating veggies saves your body the struggle of breaking them down?

That's why I said "Don't worry about the protein"

BTW I am sure I have enough B12 inside of me to survive a few weeks.

Update 2:

I realize that we don't need as much protein as people think.

Most people think you need HEAPS the requirement is really about 30 grams most people on a SAD diet consume in access of 150 grams.

Update 3:

LO, I used a simplified comparison of what I was trying to say.

What I mean is that broccoli and steak are both complete sources of protein since they both contain an equal balance of all the required amino acids in the same ratio.

That's what I was attempting to say, just simplified.

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    Yes absolutely. The protein amounts they tell us to take are too high we can get by with much less protein. Fruits and vegetables, is good for the body and you can live on it quite easily.

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    Yes, you can. There are plenty of starchy vegetables that provide ample carbohydrates. Potatoes, corn (which is, actually, a grain), and yams are some of the best known. If you include beans it is even easier. Get a good variety of fresh vegetables and you will be eating a healthier diet than most Americans. If you want to eliminate beans and tubers you might increase your intake of fruits to make up for the carbs you will be missing. Most fruits have a good amount of simple carbohydrates. Which means that you may have to eat fruit and/or drink fruit juices more often than you would eat the slower burning complex carbs found in grains. I have done a few juice fasts where I lived on nothing but the juice of fresh fruits and vegetables for about a week and suffered no ill effects.

    The protein argument is a red herring. Our bodies need much less protein than we've been led to believe.

    The B12 argument really depends on what you have eaten up to this point. If you have been vegan for the last several years then, yes, you will need to supplement B12. But you won't end up in the hospital in days. And if you have eaten meat or dairy until recently you probably already have enough B12 in your body to last you for several years of pure vegan dieting. Keep it in mind, though. A B12 deficiency can be a serious problem.


    On thinking about it again, your question is really worded to ask whether I (not you the asker) can live on fruits and veggies. Each of us has a different body type and different nutritional needs. The odds are good that you can, because many other people do.

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    if u r a non veggie, then u need lots of fruits to balance ur fitness and health. If u r a veggie, then veggies rock :) Fruits are like xtra nutrients for fitness and health :) veggies are day2day food. :) For all of you out there making bets on this, everyone is a little right. They're both terrific choices (except if you focus exclusively on the starchy peas and corn!). Filled with nutrients and water - so the calories are diluted - you can't go wrong with either. If you're not a veggie eater, and want five fruits, that works. Same for the fruit-averse; focus on veggies. It's the color that matters most. The color of the fruit or veggie provides the source of nutrients - so think of the rainbow when you're making your daily selections. In the perfect world, you'd combine both, and many people do. If you don't, no worries, it still works.

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    I think that adequate calorie intake would be your biggest concern. If you only eat fruits and vegetables (i.e. no nuts, seeds, or grains), you would be a little hard pressed to eat enough. I'm assuming you're in your early 20s and average size male - you need about 2500 calories a day. If you're active, you need more. If you are going to try this, I would supplement with nuts or at least some nut/vegetable oils. Otherwise, you may feel tired and/or light-headed and will lose weight fast.

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    I don't think so. I know fruits and vegetables have varying amounts of certain nutrients like protein but mostly in such small amounts you couldn't consume enough to be healthy. If you can account for all of your nutrients, then go for it.

    "Did you know that a serve of broccoli has as much protein as a steak?"---come on. We both know that's nonsense. A porterhouse steak has about 10X the amount of protein that raw broccoli does.

    Per the website below:

    100 grams raw broccoli = 2.82 grams

    100 grams broiled porterhouse = 23.96 grams

    Maybe you should reconsider ALL of your protein info.

    EDIT: I guess you shortened it too much...LOL

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    Well, I really don't think that's a good idea, you need grains, soy, tofu and all that stuff.

    I've really never tried surviving on just fruits and vegetables but well you shouldn't try that. Besides, nuts, peanuts, potatoes, bread, grains are pretty good you just need a little bit of creativity.

    Source(s): I am vegan. Go vegan!
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    I do. I live on only fruits and vegeatables <well, raw nuts and seeds occasionally> and I am in perfect health. I eat most of my food raw or dehydrated.

    I give blood every 55 days, and I have never "failed" the health screens that they put me through. My iron is perfect, my WBC is out of this world and my blood pressure is exemplorary.

    The answer to your question then would be a strong YES.

    Source(s): I'm a healthy raw foodist.
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    I think as long as fruits and vegetables have everything your body needs to survive, there should be no reason why it wouldn't be impossible to eat only them.

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    you decide what's right for your body -- its not up to us, and if you think that you will get enough of everything from veggies and fruit, go for it! dont doubt what you know about your body just because someone told you what you do is wrong! good luck!

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    For a few days you would be fine, but you would never be able to get the required amount of vitamin B12 eating only fruits and vegetables.

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