Why are they so close minded?

I am extremely upset over an incidence at my school. We were planning our debate topic for social studies class, and someone suggested "gay marriage: yay or nay". Luckily, majority of the class thought it would be funny to research.

I look over, and I see this girl crying. Apparently, she thought gays were so wrong that it drove her to TEARS.

These catholic kids started throwing derrogatory comments about gays. I wanted to punch them all.

Anyways, I come back to school the next day very excited. The teacher says she has something to announce to us.

" A few parents were uncomfortable with our debate topic. We will now be debating salmon regulations."

I did some digging, and heres what I found out.

A homophobic parents had started a phone tree and told all the other parents the horrors of gays. They basically called the principal and had a HUGE argument.

Is anyone else hurt by this? people are so close minded that they can't even allow their children to acknowledge a huge issue that they WILL experience in the real world.

It brings me to tears.


I wanted to march to the office and scream the principal out. It may have been illegal, because it was discriminating because of sexuality. I should have, and I wish I did.

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    It’s not being closed minded and it’s not the school's fault. They have to react to the parent’s demands or legal matters can be taken. I see that debate the same as religion. People aren't allowed to acknowledge their religions in school because its offensive. The Gay rights debate was banned because it was offensive to others and to parents. That is a very controversial subject and could stir up a lot of feeling resulting in something bad. People have started fights on much pettier things. I feel this should be debated at a college level where students respect their teacher and are more mature to handle such a controversial subject and parents won’t have an influence. Supporting gay rights is a choice. Not everyone should have to accept them just like not everyone should have to be a Christian. So what if "homophobic parents" made some calls? Its no different then people protesting and wanting to sue to have a nativity scene taken down from a court house. People are entitled to there beliefs and choices. I won't judge people for being gay and living their life free and happy so don't judge me for not wanting to live a gay life or march in their parades or vote for gay marriages. So don't call people closed minded for not accepting the gay life style that is their choice and their right. As long as they are not discriminating then you shouldn't be mad. As long as those anti gays are not acting violent towards gays or denying them jobs or anything then you should respect their feelings as well. I have a gay friend, I don't approve of her life style, its not something I would want for me or my family but so what her sexuality isn't going to stop me from being her friend it doesn't change her personality. And if my kids grow up gay then oh well I’m still going to love them, just because they are gay doesn't make them any less my children.

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    Closed minded is close minded...it doesn't have any age requirements. There are plenty of closed minded adolescents out there too (high school bashings..hello?). Are they a product of their parents or society? Who knows. It will be years before the gay life style is looked upon as just another way of life, if ever.

    And for the catholic kids who were acting out...I don't think right now is a good time for catholics to be throwing around criticism! I mean, come on! Child molesters as priests (and BOYS to boot)! Puh-leez

    If you're that angry about it go out there and make a difference. I'm sure LGBT has sources that can help you decide how to go about helping make a change in the world.

    And good for you...it seems like you really care. Don't change ;-)

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    The parents are afraid of the debate because it would show there is no valid reason to argue against equal marriage.

    You should should seriously lobby your school to create a gay-straight alliance. If the principal refuses then contact the ACLU.

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    Of course I would accept the existence of a deity if proven scientifically. However, it would make little difference to me. I am an apatheist; I do not believe religion has a role to play in my life. Proof of the existence of a deity would not compel me to worship said deity or follow the dictates of the religion based on that deity. EDIT: Another reason why I wouldn't care to let that impact me a great deal is that scientific theories are not eternally valid, and the discovery of any conflicting evidence would require a revision of the view that a particular deity exists. The fact that "scientific proof" is not an absolute indication of its 'reality' is one reason I would remain skeptical nevertheless.

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    that pisses me off. i live in idaho and there is a really concentrated religion here and they are very against gays and lesbians and bi and i makes me so mad that i want to scream. i truly believe that people just need to grow up and mind their own Business. and parents need to stay out of it, because a lot of times they just make thing a hundred times worse.

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    Is not that they are close minder. Lets be real!! Parents are from the past decade they have their own " mind " for a father o mother is very dissapointed to now that his/her child is gay

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    so basically you sit and weep rather than be proactive. why don't you and those who agree with you debate the issue anyway?

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    Close minded, yes.

    Source(s): But it's legal to do that? Everyone has their own opinions. Consider them lucky because I'm sure you would've done a wonderful job defending. :)
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