Signs of alcoholism. . . Maybe?

My hubby drinks every night, but it's not always the same; here's what I mean: Some nights he won't drink till almost 10pm and all he has is a couple of 24 oz Icehouses, then other nights he's drinking before 6pm and by the time he goes to sleep he's polished off a 5th plus a couple of beers. He also says that he does not need to drink, he does it because he can't sleep unless he catches a buzz. He's not lying either, if he tries not to drink he'll stay up all night cause he can't sleep then I just tell him to get a few drinks so he can get some rest for the next day. Are these signs of alcoholism? I really don't know, I'm not much of a drinker, last time I did was back in August, it just doesn't interest me very much. What would you consider this? Thanks!


I forgot to mention earlier, that I am also concerned because usually about 2 times a week he'll stop for lunch at the bar and have a few drinks. I'm worried because he works in construction around a lot of power saws and things of that sort, and I know alcohol can inhibit reaction times. He'll maybe have 2-3 beers during lunch, go back to work then have some more once he's at home for the evening. I partially acredit it to the fact he was raised in a home where drinking was a very normal thing, so to him it's just as typical as getting a shower or checking the mail.

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    I'm taking Substance Abuse classes at a local college. From what I've learned he would be considered Alcohol Dependent. It wouldn't help if he would seek some kind of help!

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    I would be very worried. It sounds like he is regularly drinking a lot of alcohol. A 5th plus a couple beers is a lot especially if he is doing this daily. Drinking everyday in large amounts is heading for alcoholism if he isn't already there. Alcoholism is the inabillity not to drink. You hear all or the excuses like he can't sleep unless he is blitzed.

    If he is headed in that direction I would talk to your doctor or pastor for support. Then I would contact ALANON. They are a support group for families of alcoholics and they as well as your doctor and pastor can assess his behavior and decide if he is in trouble and if they recommend an intervention.

    Many alcoholics have other family members with the disease. They change their behavior when they are drunk. They detirerate over time and start missing work. Hiding bottles at home to be sure they have booze close at hand. They simply can not get along without it. It becomes the all important thing in their life over you and your kids even. So it is important that he is properly diagnosed so that he can get the proper treatment. Some need in-patient rehabilitation in a good drug program. Others will do okay if they join AA.

    It comes down to him getting to the point where he recognizes his inability to stop drinking and asking for help.You can not do that for him but you can set it up so that he has been diagnosed correctly and you can assist him by giving him the support and tough love it takes to get through this. AA has a twelve step program that really works well. If he goes that route. If he is an alcoholic and you catch it early your lives and marriage will be so much happier. God Bless you both

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    These are the 10 signs of alcoholism

    1. Drinking alone

    2. Making excuses, finding excuses to drink

    3. Daily or frequent drinking needed to function

    4. Inability to reduce or stop alcohol intake

    5. Violent episodes associated with drinking

    6. Drinking secretly

    7. Becoming angry when confronted about drinking

    8. Poor eating habits

    9. Failure to care for physical appearance

    10. Trembling in the morning

    Even if he doesnt have all the signs, its still not healthy if he has to drink to fall asleep. Try taking night-quil. Or ask a doctor about Lunesta.

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    these are absolutely the beginning signs of alcoholism. if you cannot function properly (in this case sleep) without drinking...that is a problem. he should not be drinking every day anyways. i say, if anyone does anything recreational when they are alone they might have a problem (excluding once in a blue moon type situations). drinking should be social and maybe a few beers on the weekend to relax and catch a little buzz. but this is not a daily event...nor should it be. i do think that perhaps this should be brought to his attention and that he should speak with a doctor. he says he doesnt NEEEEED to drink...but he still does. so...thats a problem. hes in denial. good luck and i hope everything turns out for the best.

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    Not an alcoholic tendency, but definetly a problem. If you go to a party looking to get drunk, then you have a problem. Most "responsible" drinkers drink because they want to have fun, not to get drunk. Another thing is if you don't stop. Most people know when to stop, and when they are too drunk. If you are too drunk, then you have a problem (for ex, you said you don't remember things). Does it change your behavior? If it does, then you have a problem. Pretty much, just by your friends telling you that you have a problem, there is a problem. They probably really care about you, and dont want you to get worse. Btw, if your excusing this behavior by saying nothing bad has ever happened to me, maybe its because your friends look out for you. Friends end up babysitting friends. Or maybe youve just been lucky. Either way, its not an excuse.

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    As a recovered alcoholic for almost 15 yrs I am concerned as to why he doesn't seek another non-drug alternative to his sleep problem.I have sleep apnea and use a machine sometimes but if I still can't sleep I don't drink or use drugs or even sleep meds. I use mindful breathing and meditate and it helps. Sometimes it's a matter of what I eat or drink, like coffee after 1 PM or strong tea that keeps me awake.

    The fact that he uses alcohol and defends it gives me cause for concern. While he may not be alcoholic he may have the potential. Ask him to see a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders.

  • It definitely sounds as though your husband has a dependency on alcohol. People that "need" to drink to do anything is on their way to a problem. He should try Melatonin to help him sleep. It is an all natural vitamin found where vitamins are bought. It is non addictive but will help him to fall asleep naturally without the alcohol. He needs to worry about liver damage with the way he is treating sleep deprivation. Good luck

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    I would say yes because if he has to drink to do anything including sleep there is a problem. If he is really having a problem sleeping there are precription and non-prescription meds his dr can put him on to help with his sleeping issue.

    I would suggest talking about other options besides alcohol and soon.

    Good Luck

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    i think, maybe. Because he cannot go to sleep unless if he drinks alcohol. That is very weird, how long has be been drinking, i think his body must of been used to drinking. Like drinking then sleeping or something. So that's why maybe he is experiencing this. How many years he've been drinking, his body is kind of used to it, you know what i mean

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    Yes, sounds like an alcoholic. Also, if his drinking causes problems in his life and he is unwilling to quit drinking to resolve the problems, he is an alcoholic.

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