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Is midway airport area around Chicago considered safe or unsafe?

Friends have been saying that don't go all by your self in Midaway airport area in chicago as they say it is unsafe. They say there are crazy things going on there and its never a good idea specially to go if you are a girl(They have been advising my GF this). Anyone has any idea on this????

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    It's not that bad within a few miles of the airport, if you go a few miles east or north of MDW then it's little different. It's all polish and hispanic in that area. It is not a run down, high crime area.

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    Midway Airport (and the surrounding area) is not the most dangerous place in Chicago. I would say it isn't great but you shouldn't have any issues either. I really depends on what you are there for. Moving there? be sure you have a secure apartment. If you are just driving through town, nothing to worry about. It is a msotly working class area near chinatown but not particularly dangerous. People from the suburbs may think it is dangerous because they think all places in the city are dangerous. If you aren't walking around at 2 am alone at night (which lead you to trouble anywhere) you're fine.

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    I can't speak for the area outside of the airport, but I've flown to Midway four times and have transferred to the train from the airport (never having to go outside) each time and never had any problems or seen anything. I've traveled with a girl friend of mine and we by no means look intimidating. So if you plan on doing that or just grabbing a cab during the daytime anyway, you should be fine.

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    Why are you going to the Midway airport area? Are you going to the actual airport? Or are you talking about going to the neighborhood around the airport. If you're talking about the airport, no big deal: just ride the CTA train to the airport and back. If you're talking about the neighborhood around Midway, it's mixed. There are predominately black areas, white areas and latino areas. Walking along Cicero ave at night can be kind of dangerous sometimes; there are some dark or dimly lit areas. If you're going to somewhere in the neighborhood, a cab or a car ride to the front door is a good idea, particularly at night.

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    There are much worse areas of Chicago. I would definitely pay attention to my surroundings.

    However, if you are talking about the airport hotels (name brands) or just going to the airport there isn't any problem. I go to the airport all the time by myself on public transportation with no problems.

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    The area immdiately around Midway is actually one of the most safe neighborhoods in Chicago, it's called Garfield Ridge. and it's an old Polish neighborhood full of little diners like Peaches & Pears - - and crappy Polish nightclubs like Orion Euroclub - - and Karolinka Polka Club - - and authentic Polish Deli's like Bobak's - - so I don't know how dangerous and unsafe that sounds to you, but it sounds like a joke to call it dangerous to me.

    Just like everywhere in Chicago, there are places near Midway that you probably want to avoid like Ford City Mall or the LeClaire Courts Housing Projects which are both NEAR Midway but definitely not a walk from the airport.

    I've lived in the area for a long time with my wife and our baby and I've seriously never lived in a more safe place in Chicago. I also take public transportation to work exclusively, and sometimes at late as 3am and I've never had one problem.

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    The area Midway is in is not too good but the hotel area is OK. OHare is better. A short drive to Schaumburg is a better area.

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    The O'Hare area is safe. Midway is sketchy.

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    It's not a terrible area. O'hare is a little better though. I wouldn't worry about it, go by yourself and all. I live in Chicago and have flown in and out of both airports a lot of times, and nothing has happened.

    Good Luck! and Hope I Helped!

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    Honestly it is not the safest areas in the world but your not going to see gunfire as you drive to Midway.

    I wouldn't just go there to hang out...honestly there isn't much to do there...if you are just going to be in the airport you'll be fine.

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