When do you think I should apply to Bard College at Simon's Rock? ?

I'm a freshman in high school in the South East. My goal is to go to Bard College at Simon's Rock and get an AA, and then go to NYU or USC and get a BA. I want to double major in drama and print journalism if I go to NYU, and major in just journalism if I go to USC. I also have plans to go to Columbia and Sciences Po, France for a MA in print journalism. Anyway, this semester was pretty good except for math, which I got a 72.3% which is counted as a D. I'm in all honors and an AP class. My teacher was a good person, just not the greatest teacher. She would give you homework without having a lesson. I have her next semester, but I have to try 10X harder. I got an A in AP with the 10 points, and got a B plus in Honors LA, and got around a 84-87% in Honors Biology. I'm not sure about LA, because never found out what I got on the final. I got a 96% in theater, and an A plus in Health. I think my GPA may be around the 3.2-3.5 on the 4.0 scale. I'm also on the swim team. Bard College- SR is a early entrance program. I would like to apply as soon as possible and would like to apply for the AEP scholarship which can give you free tuition. I would need to have my application in by Feb of 2010.

Should I send my application as soon as my sophmore year starts or wait until that semester and show them my grades? I don't know if I apply earlier that it would help my chances. I think if I wait and do good, that it would boost my GPA. Does it matter, and do you have any advice? If I don't get the AEP, I won't be going at all. Do you think Bard will see pass my math grade. Will I be able to transfer easily to NYU or USC? I do know it is hard to transfer to Tisch. I would start Bard at Simon's Rock at the age of 16. What do you think? Any feedback is fine. I know I have plenty of time, but just wanted to know what you guys think. Thanks so much!


Also, if I did wait I could send in my PSAT scores. I don't know how I would do, since I'm not the greatest standardized test taker out there. :)

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    go str8 to nyu or usc. Problem solved geez dont make this too complicated

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  • 4 years ago

    Bard College at Simon's Rock is an "early entry" college, where you basically skip the last year or two of high school and go straight into college. It is the only such college that is accredited at this point. You don't need a GED, and you probably would never earn a high school diploma if you went there. Most students go there for a couple of years and get an associate's degree, then transfer to another college for a bachelor's degree. Most of the students who go there are in the top 25% of their high school classes, but they aren't necessarily the very best students. If your other grades are good, one less great grade won't be a disaster. You do not need to take the SATs, which are intended to be taken by juniors. It sounds to me that the biggest challenge you would face would be your parents. They would have to be willing to let you go, and to pay for it. The AEP is only possible if you have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, and you would have to be one of the top 20 students to get this scholarship. I think the best aspect of this school would be that if you are the kind of student who is underchallenged by high school, you could move straight into the tougher classes of college. That would certainly have described me in high school. However, my parents would never have let me move away from home early, nor would they have paid for a private college.

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