Ugh potty training! Tips on potty training boys ?

My son is 2yrs 3months old( 27mo) and we are working on potty training. i was making some progress a little after he turned one he almost had it completely down pack then he got circumcised and we had a big back slide now he doesn't't really like going to the potty but he will from time to time when he feels like it. he will do it every now and again. anyone have any tips? what is the best way to make it fun for him and get the job accomplished all in one?how long did it take for you to get your kids potty trained to the point where you don't have to tell them to go potty any more or at least to the point where you tell them to go potty and they go

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    We got a cute little timer and set if for every 45 minutes- when it would go off we would all dance and shout "it's potty time!" like it was a fun thing and a big party we were going to. We also gave him one m&m for keeping his pants dry and one for going in the potty. Also go rid of his diapers totally and moved to training pants. Most of the time it worked but sometimes he would still grumble about it but after a week and a half he just went as soon as heard the timer go off. We also moved the timer to every hour once he was able to handle it. Then after another week we stopped the timer and would just tell him to go. He's 2 and a half and we still have to tell him to go but he does go when we tell him. We started the timer at 2 years, 3 months.

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    The joys of potty training! My son's pediatrician recommended that you wait until close to 3 years old to start potty training boys. Girls tend to start a little sooner, around 2 1/2 or so.

    My son is now 4 1/2, and potty training was quite the battle. He has had a lot of constipation issues and withholding issues that he had to see a gastroenterologist for, which delayed potty training past the pediatrician's recommended age of 3.

    We used a reward system in the beginning. I had a container of mini M&M's. Each time he went pee on the potty he got 1, and each time he went poo he got 2. (The reason we gave him 2 for going poo is because that's where our battle was most of the time due to his constipation and withholding issues). He went to a babysitter during the day, and she wasn't really up for doing the whole candy thing, so he would get little stickers there every time that he went potty.

    Another big incentive for him was that preschool wasn't too off in his future, but we would tell him that he had to be going to the bathroom on the potty and not in having accidents if he wanted to go. So that really helped things.

    Also, bring fun things in the bathroom. With my son, we would bring books or his magnadoodle in there. We realized that sometimes we just had to get him to relax so that he could go. As a parent, you know the patience kids have is very small, so when they are just sitting there trying and have nothing else to focus on, they can get frustrated quite easily. It helps to put their attention somewhere else.

    Another suggestion is to just make a really big deal everytime that he goes.

    Unfortunately, there's no time limit on how long potty traning can take. Each child is different, and sometimes strong willed children can take a little longer. My son still has accidents occassionally, but they only seem to occur at home. He has never had an accident at preschool or out in public. We still have to remind that its time to try an go to the bathroom. Kids just get so sidetracked when they are playing or doing other activities.

    I know that when we were first starting out, we would have him try and go to the bathroom every hour or 2. Even if he didn't always go, he would at least try.

    Hope this info helps.

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    Ugh potty training! Tips on potty training boys ?

    My son is 2yrs 3months old( 27mo) and we are working on potty training. i was making some progress a little after he turned one he almost had it completely down pack then he got circumcised and we had a big back slide now he doesn't't really like going to the potty but he will from time to...

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    Take him to walmart and let him pick out a few new little cars/trains and put them on the back of the toilet. Let him know that he can only play with them when he is sitting on the toilet and going to the bathroom. It will make sitting on the potty more fun. Put him backwards on the toilet so he can play while hes sitting (it also makes it so he pees in the toilet and not on the floor). Put him on the potty every hour and have him sit until he goes potty. During that hour you could give him allot of water so he has to go. Good luck! This worked with 3 boys for me!

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    Just put him in underwear and get rid of any diapers or pull ups. He will get sick of peeing his pants and start telling you when he has to go. Especially if you make the process of cleaning up after he pees his pants and changing clothes take a long time, he will realize that it is quicker to just go on the potty. And when he goes on the potty make a big deal out of it telling him how proud you are and high-fives, etc. But don't make him feel bad when he pees his pants, just tell him it's okay and he'll make it next time. We started potty training my son at 21 months old, and before he was 22 months old he was telling us every time he had to go. My daughter, we started potty training her at 19 months, and it was only a matter of 2 days of reminding her to go potty before she started telling us every time she had to go. good luck!

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    Take any of his diapers/training pants off, just put him in underpants and regular jeans or pants. When he goes to the bathroom in his pants, he'll hate the feeling and soon enough he'll be using the potty. Worked for my mom every time.

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    Cheerios's== the toilet-they like to aim at them -when they go pee yell as loud as you can (In your very best cheerleader like voice) YAY!!!!!!! while clapping your hands -- They tottally dig it. Eventually they will want to go in the potty. Especially if you put them on there while you know they are going #2- They might freak out at first but just sit them there and they will eventually get it.

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    Tell him that there is a cute "insert his favorite animal here" inside there, and that if he pees into the toilet, then the animal will like him! Also give him candy for going potty.

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    oo when my little brother got potty trained by parents bought a huge bag of m&ms and whenever he used the toilet he got some

    or you could use stamps

    or stickers, thats what my aunt uses

    good luck :)

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