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How many people does israel need to murder before they feel they are "even"?

Given that the supposed rocket and mortar attacks havent killed anyone and their recent "bodycount" is holding firm at 0?

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    Israel has been remarkably restrained.

    Hamas has been shooting rockets into Israel for some time.

    Whether the rockets killed any Israelis is irrelevant.

    Israel has the right to exist without Hamas firing any rockets into Israel.

    Israel has the right to use Military Force to render Hamas physically incapable of firing any rockets into Israel.

    Unfortunately Hamas has stored thousands of rockets in civilian neighborhoods and has been firing those rockets from civilian neighborhoods.

    Unfortunately when the Muslim Terrorists of Hamas use civilian neighborhoods and civilians as shields, it is inevitable that civilians will get caught in the middle of the battle and be killed.

    The fault for the deaths of the civilians is the fault of Hamas for firing rockets into Israel to provoke a response from Israel.

    Israel is not at fault for those civilian deaths.

    Israel has done a remarkably good job of keeping civilian deaths to a minimum.

    Of the approximately 300 people killed, less than 30 were civilians.

    The rest of the deaths were leaders of Hamas and other assorted Muslim Terrorists.

    Leaders of Hamas and other Muslim Terrorists are legitimate military targets.

    That is a death rate for civilians of less than 10%.

    In Urban warfare where the Muslim Terrorists are using the civilians as shields any time that you can keep the civilian deaths to less than 10% that is a very good accomplishment.

    the fact that the civilian deaths are so low indicates that the Israels are doing a very good job of keeping civilian deaths to a minimum.

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    The body count stands at 1, and, so what. Is Israel supposed to wait until people get killed. You think Hamas is just kidding? If I were Israel, I would stop when the Gaza area is a parking lot, and, not until.

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    They need to kill enough of the enemy that Hamas and their supports beg Israel for peace. The object of war is to beat the other side into submission. It is not to fight to a draw. In all American wars with the exception of the revolutionary war. America has killed far more of the enemy then the amount of Americans that died. This is how we won 99% of our wars. Using you logic, we would have won none of them.

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    So it is ok to launch rockets, and mortars, as long as they don't kill anyone?

    How many times will Hamas break the cease-fire agreements?

    Now you know dang well Israel can live in peace but the Arabs cannot.

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    Hamas called an end to the cease fire, last week. I guess they thought that only they could do that and expected Isreal to keep it. Or, They forgot who wins open warfare in that part of the world. It never has been the Philistines.

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    As many as it takes . . . . .

    When Hamas launches rockets or mortars into Israel . . . they should respond.

    If someone picks up a gun . . . . points it at YOU . . . and walks your direction, and fires three shots . . . but NONE of them hit you . . . I suppose you'll just say,

    "Oh well, . . he missed . . . so I guess I'll just do nothing."

    I don't think so.

    Dan in Miami

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    To start with it's not murder.It's war.Murder is what the suicide bombers sent to Israel do.As far as the rockets not killing anyone,maybe Israel doesn't like being shot at.Besides it's not like they weren't trying to kill people.

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    when trying to defeat an enemy you usually try to get and stay ahead so that maybe the enemy will surrender.

    that is providing you are not the japanese in WWII or the palestinians since WWII.i can't figure them out.

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    How many people do the terrorists need to kill before it's enough??

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    How long will it take for you to do something if we all shoot rockets at your house?

    Duh, wake up!!!!

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