What is your child's favorite toy they received for Christmas?

For my daughter, it's definitely her crafts kit. She LOVES painting!

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    My oldest daughter loves this Littlest Pet Shop game that plugs into her TV. It's probably a tie between that and her cupcake maker.

    My 4 year old son loves his Power Wheels Santa brought him

    and my 15 month old daughter has not put down her ELMO baby.

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    She's 18 months and loves her new shoes more than her bike, or any of the other toys. They're dress up shoes, I've spent hours already helping her change shoes. I think she has a mild shoe fetish and I'm an enabler. She got a red glittery paid, and those seem to be the favorite.

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    1 decade ago

    My daughters fave is tumbles the puppy and these two cowgirl guns that her grandpa got her for xmas.She puts her holster on and becomes a totally different kid lol.Very serious.

    @Johnny's Mommy:Your son resembles my little brother so much when he was a tot.They both have the same adorable face and smile(the hair too).My bro turned out to be a cutie, your son will too.Just an observation.

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    Aidan's is his easel and Fisher Price Kawasaki 4-wheeler (3 1/2 yr old) and Connor's is his Leap Frog music table (10 mo old).

    My husband has been acting like a child with his new video games. I'd say they are his favorite.

    ETA: Here is a picture of Aidan. I have one of Connor too but I haven't figured out my new camera yet (Grrrr!). And, yes, that is a short sleeve shirt being worn the day after Christmas!! Crazy weather!!!


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  • Barbie Dream House

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    My son is 2 yrs old and he has a toss up between two gifts. He got some small football figurines that are basically enough for an offense. And he LOVES to line them up and “pretend to tackle” by mushing them all together.

    His other toy is a firetruck that has theme music and does all the sirens. For whatever reason, we march to the theme music and he thinks it’s awesome. LOL.

    I think I’ve had more fun laughing and watching him than he has had with the toys themselves! LOL!

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    My 5 yr old daughters would have to be the magic hair bratz doll and my 8 yr old sons would have to be his wrestling figures and cage ring. Happy New Year!! Hope you find something fun to do!! I was going to answer your other question, but I couldn't think of anything besides the answers you already had.....It's been a long time for me too!! :) Have fun!

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    1 decade ago

    As one of the oldest children of a 9 kid family and counting... 8 boys one girl me boho all of the kids 10-12 got either DS's or a hamster rodent of some sort. 7 and down got jeeps-controllable. 14s (the triplets) got to share a wii. 4s,5 got a sit and bounce. lol and every body was happy!!!!

  • Kay
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    1 decade ago


    You copy Brody on Halloween, and now christmas!!!

    What else is next???!

    LMAO jk

    But BRody got that SAME THING!!!!!! Kawasaki right??

    ANd you press the buttons on the handle and it makes noise lol

    He;s young still but it was from the other side of the family who hadnt seen him yet.

    Brody likes the Activity table, the Sing Stage or something like that, the push walker that he can ride on...

    The tissue paper, the boxes, lol

    he loved it all.

  • 1 decade ago

    My daughter got an American Girl doll (Emily) and a bunch of clothes and dance studio trunk and she LOVES her. My 11 year old son got ipod touch and that and his Monopoly World Edition board game are his favorite.

    Have a Blessed 2009 everyone!

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