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A list of I love money 2 participants?

Does anyone know who's gonna be on I love money 2??

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    Tailor Made (George Weisgerber) I Love New York 2

    Heat (Jason Rosell) I Love New York

    The Entertainer (Frank Maresca) I Love New York 2

    Saaphyri Windsor Flavor of Love 2

    Smiley (Leilene Ondrade) Flavor of Love

    Buckwild (Becky Johnston) Flavor of Love 2

    Angelique Morgan Rock of Love 2

    Buddha (Ezra Masters) I Love New York 2

    Onix (William Lash) I Love New York

    20 Pack (Nico Vasquez) I Love New York 2

    It (Kwame Smalls) I Love New York 2

    Prancer (Mercedes Clausen) Flavor of Love 3

    Myammee (Angela Pitts) Flavor of Love 3

    Ice (Amanda Dohner) Flavor of Love 3

    Milf (Ahmo Hight) Real Chance of Love

    Cali (Christina Ly) Real Chance of Love

    Tamara Witmer Rock of Love

    Bonez (Kevin Peters) I Love New York

    T-Weed (Kevin Watson) I Love New York

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    1 20 Pack

    2 Angelique

    3 Bonez

    4 Buckwild

    5 Buddha

    6 Cali

    7 The Entertainer

    8 Heat

    9 Ice

    10 It

    11 Milf

    12 Myammee

    13 Onix

    14 Prancer

    15 Saaphyri

    16 Smiley

    17 Tailor Made

    18 Tamara

    19 T-Weed

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    For a complete list of cast members along with photos check out the link below...

    Looks like a pretty good line up . The new Season starts on January 26th !

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