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I am thinking about getting a membership with "Direct Buy" and I have heard good things about them, but I was wondering if anyone out there have heard anything negative or had a bad experience with them?

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    Good afternoon everyone. We noticed an intriguing conversation taking place here, and we would like to introduce ourselves, and hopefully clear up any questions any of you may have.

    For those of you not all that familiar with DirectBuy, we are a membership-based organization founded in 1971. We currently have more than 160 locations across the United States and Canada, through which our members purchase merchandise for in and around their home directly from several hundred brand-name manufacturers.

    The way our unique business model works is this: over the years, our merchandising team has developed relationships with the top manufacturers of home furnishings, home improvement, flooring, electronics, outdoor and accessories. Our hundreds of thousands of members are an attractive market for manufacturers to sell their items to. By offering their merchandise through DirectBuy, our manufacturers are able to make the same amount of money that they do by offering their merchandise through a retail store. The difference is in what our members pay – rather than paying what the retailer has to charge in markup to cover their overhead and make a profit, our members pay what the manufacturers charge for an item, saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars on items they need for their homes. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    It is also pertinent to mention that DirectBuy derives no income from the sale of merchandise, instead profiting from membership dues that our members pay. As alluded to in a previous post regarding the cost of membership, each of our over 160 showrooms is independently owned and operated, meaning membership costs not only vary from state-to-state, but also from showroom-to-showroom within individual states. To protect our sensitive manufacturer relationships, we have a policy which ensures that at the Open House, after you've taken an honest look at what we have to offer and understand how DirectBuy membership can work for your family, you’ll be presented with membership options and costs so you can make the most informed decision possible.

    I can tell you that there are several membership plans available, and pricing depends upon the type and length of membership. The prices of those membership plans are based on a variety of factors, including: showroom location, number of manufacturers available to members, types/brands of manufacturers available to members, as well as type, availability and brand of local vendors/contractors provided. The availability of various showroom services, such as design, delivery and installation services, may also be a factor in the membership cost.

    As you are likely beginning to realize, the benefits we provide to our members are the direct result of relationships we have developed with hundreds of brand-name manufacturers, making those relationships the key element to providing outstanding value and making DirectBuy a success.

    Another difference between DirectBuy and regular stores is our product selection. Rather than selecting the style and fabric of sofa that is stocked at the store, members have access to, in most cases, the manufacturer’s entire product line. That adds up to more than one million first-quality products – furniture, appliances, home entertainment and electronics, kitchen cabinets, lighting, patio furniture, flooring, window treatments and just about anything else you can think of for in and around the house. It’s also a real convenience not to have to drive from store to store looking for what you need or searching for the best sale price. It’s all here, under one roof.

    We also discovered that many consumers have a desire to remodel or refurnish their homes, but may not know exactly how to get started. That’s why we have product and design specialists who are truly friendly, savvy, and – most importantly – they’re only interested in what best fits your family’s needs. Our service teams don’t work based on commissions and we don’t make money off the merchandise you purchase, so you know that the help you are getting is based on your genuine satisfaction. One other benefit from a design standpoint is our partnership with Christopher Lowell – the award-winning designer and host of “Work That Room with Christopher Lowell” on Fine Living Network. He designed “dream room” layouts in various styles using products from DirectBuy – and members have access to those to help in their own remodeling plans. That’s a truly unique concept that is exclusive only to DirectBuy members.

    Our showrooms feature a café, fully-appointed room vignettes, and even “Kids Zone” areas, so if you have children, once you become a member, your children have a place to safely play, while you shop uninterrupted in the showroom.

    Before we go, we’d like to address the posts by “jasonex” and “sensitive_man”, as well as the reference to some not-so-flattering comments about our business. First, please know that we are very aware of the presence of negative o

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only "good things" I have heard about them, was in their commercials. membership cost is high, you still pay for delivery of items, getting damaged goods replaced is difficult etc. Go to your searchbar and type in Direct Buy/complaints. There are many listed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lots of bad things. Very expensive to become a member, something like $5,000 depending on where you live. And once you are there for a preview, if you do not join right then, you are banned for 7 years. I know someone who used to work there. Look up the reports on them on

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  • 1 decade ago

    They have terrible customer service. I have half of a wood floor in my home and cannot get anyone to help get me the right wood for the rest of the floor. Don't do it. It is a big hassle for hardly any reward. Once you are in - there is no way out.

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