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JC asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Search · 1 decade ago

Using either IE or Firefox, I'm unable to run a web search (i.e., yahoo search). Any suggestions how to fix?

My search window capability stopped a few weeks ago. I tried disabling my firewall but that did not help. I have a good connection so it's not a modem or cable issue, I can view the web. Suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Clear all temp files using CCleaner.(available free) and re install yahoo toolbar if this doesn't work then proceed to the next step.

    2. Update your antivirus and scan your system, if this doesn't work then

    3. Scan and remove spywares/ malwares using Spybot Search and destroy or Adaware (both available free)

    4. Reinstall the Yahoo toolbar.

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