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is this site a true representation of real life?

one idiot thought i was trying to disguise myself as a newcastle united fan yesterday, i had a great big OO7 in the middle of toon and several users were calling me giggsy in their answers, SERIOUSLY are users that stupid, or just desperate to try and have a pop at the master. I know my football banter isn't everyones cup of tea, but at least i try not to personally insult someone unless they cat call first.

FQ why are 3rd placed MANCHESTER UNITED favourites to lift the premiership ?

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    yes, the great majority of people are idiots

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    Missed what you're on about in your first paragraph, so whatever.

    Man Utd are always made Bookie's favourites because they have a wide betting fan base, who would back them at the start of every season at any odds. It is in the Bookie's interest to make them a short price to minimise potential losses, because if they offered 4's now, they would be inundated with bets which would still have a good chance of being successful.

    I would be willing to "bet" that they are favourites for 2009/10 no matter who wins the league this year.

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    Because the are currently the best club in the world. They have 9 games in hand and every game that Man Utd wins and gets closer to Liverpool or Chelsea, puts pressure on them, therefore United sneak up and overtake them, then they continue to Premier League Glory Again. Champions League not to sure, if they get past Inter Milan, then I think they stand a good chance to retain the Champions League.


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    Unfortunately probably is.

    I don't think Man Utd are always favourites as Groucho said... sometimes Chelsea are ...nothing to do with a fan base.. that's a silly's about proven consistency, and smart bookies...

    I don't see why the team who have just won the double shouldn't be favourites

    dR bad

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    Unfortunately yes this site is like life

    i did a question about liverpool blasting off with a picture of the space shuttles when they were put up for sale and some narrow minded small iq type person got it deleted

    it was a bit of fun no more then i usually have on here nothing malicious but as is normally the case some didnt take it for what it is



    people will get the chance to see my artistic creations lol

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    Nothing about football is anything like real life. Fake people, fake sports, fake fans. It is all a moneymaking ploy by a few clever people.

    Source(s): very cynical me
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    I see what your trying to say

    Some people are just covereing up

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    funnily enough, all over the whole of answers you get the same types of people cliques, trolls , humourless twats

    there's too few good people, and far too many fools and numptys

    so a simple answer to your q would be a yes

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    cos we have a tradition of keep winning it..... and we have a healthy position to work from with the games in hand and chelsea and liverpool having to come to OT.....

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