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POLL: Nicknames for Sarah ?

My bestfriend already calls me Sarahboo[= Lol.

Any more nicknames?? I cant think of any!


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    I read this book where the character's name is Sarah and her husband calls her sarrie..It sounds sweet! ^_^

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    Sarah is tough, trust me i know. The worst part is that so many people have this name that ppl end up referring to Sarahs as the red haired Sarah or the Asian Sarah. All the Sarahs i know, and myself, have resorted to nicknames that do with our personalities rather than an alteration to our names. Everyone in my family, extended and immediate, has called me by my nickname all my life so i dont even think of myself as a Sarah anymore.

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    Sarah Palin

  • 4 years ago

    Sarah Simplicity.

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    Sally or Sal is traditionally a nickname for Sarah

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    My friend who is called sarah gets called Sazzle!


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    well my opinion Sarah is a really cute name and doen't need any amendments but still


    Sarahksh (Sarah + Saksham)

    Sarahkshi (Sarah + Sakshi)



    Sarahniye (it means good, my hindi teacher gave me a remark 'sarahniye karya' or good work)

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    I have a friend named Sarah, and she gets "sare bear"

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    Sahara dessert.

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