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Has someone hacked into my computer?

I began getting notices from my Norton intruder protection system that a port-scan had been blocked. I checked the history and found that my computer had been attacked over 10 times all from different IP addresses by someone trying to run a port-scan. This has happened a couple times since. Since the attacks keep coming over and over, I've started unplugging my internet connection as soon as I start seeing warnings.

Yesterday, my daughter was watching a movie online when the internet shut down. I tried to get the internet running again, but even though my computer said it was connected to the internet, I couldn't get it to work. Finally I discovered it was my Norton firewall that was blocking the connection. When I turned it off and turned on the windows firewall, my internet started working again.

I'm very worried about using my internet under these conditions, since I know someone is trying to attack my computer. I'm also wondering why my Norton firewall suddenly made it impossible for me to use the internet since I have been using it all along. I'm wondering if this was engineered by whoever is trying to get into my computer. If anyone has any information on what might have happened, how I can find out if someone has access to my computer, and how to fix my Norton program, I would appreciate the help.


Thanks for the great answers so far. I have one concern about changing antivirus programs, though, and that is they are notorious for slowing down computers. I remember the one I installed before slowed my computer down so much I had to wait 5 to10 minutes to use it after turning it on. Even after I uninstalled the program, my computer stayed slow. I have a new computer now and don't want to slow it down. Any additional suggestions?

Update 2:

Thanks, Chuck. I will have to email those instructions to my brother and have him walk me through it because that's all greek to me. It sounds like it will help though.

Any additional info on firewalls that don't greatly slow down the computer but still work well would still be helpful.

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    It is extremly unlikely that anyone is attacking your computer in particular. No one is singling you out to be attacked. What you are describing is so commonplace, it has acquired the name "internet background noise". Totally normal and expected and nothing to worry about, as long as you are firewalled. Just a bunch of "bots" doing there thing. These bots, often of Chinese origin will scan random IP addresses and then scan each individual port to see if it is open and vulnerable. But your firewall is blocking it, and that is exactly why we use firewalls. Give your firewall a cookie.

    My firewall stops hundreds of these "threats" every day. I choose to NOT be notified about each and every one of them, that would drive me crazy.

    And if you are using P2P file-stealing software like Limewire, you will get dozens of people trying to access you "sharing" folder even after the program is closed. Again normal.

    And even if you weren't firewalled, and had an open port, the attacker would need to find and exploit some vulnerability in your Windows or some other software in order to compromise your machine. So always keeping your Windows and all your other programs 100% patched and updated is necesssary also.

    Really, port scans much ado about nothin'!

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    your PC has different ports open that are communicating with the internet.

    When a PC is port-scanned it means a software(from another PC) is checking for all the open ports and softwares running on the ports(softs that you don't know about as a windows user).

    Now here is the trick.There are 2 things that could have happened.The ones that used the port scanner entered your IP adress to be scanned OR they entered a RANGE(like from to to be scanned.The range means that they searched 1000 PC's for example trying to find one very unsecure.That is most likely what happened because someone needed to know your IP to do a scan on you.IP that is not extremeley easy to get.

    You realize it's a much higher possibility that your PC was searched within a range(someone may simply input all the IP's possible and the scan would be very fast,maybe 10 minutes) than it was someone trying to get access to YOUR PC

    So until now it's a 10% chance someone tried to hack in your PC I would say

    The next thing to say is that a scan is very easily made by anyone.They may know little about hacking so most of the scanners are probably knowing nothing of getting acces to pc's.

    The chance I would say goes to 3%

    Now the next thing they must have found dangerous open ports left unclosed by the antivirus(ports that have exploitable softwares running on them).This is very unlikely too if Norton is any good.

    so the chance is 1% that you actually may get hacked.

    I could continue but I guess I'm boring you already.Still the number of port scans by numerous people or bots(networks of pc's only used for hacking purposes) is enormous every day.

    Now about why norton blocked the web is not clear to me.It may have "freaked out" from all the port scans and decided it should close the connection with the internet to be sure.

    But Norton may simply be badly designed and you were in no real danger just some scans.Actually think that norton is so good designed that it didn't even tell you he blocked the internet.

    I suggest you don't worry ang get a bettter security suite(norton is know to be faulty in many ways).I reccomend kaspersky internet security 8 or bitdefender total security

    Source(s): long-time pc user and learned about hacking into PC's(educational purposes only, of course)
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    Simba is correct; Norton is dubiously known for it's configuration conflicts & system resource consumption.

    Try Avast! if uncertain about which freeware to get.

    Those notices are a warm-fuzzy-feelgood aspect of some security applications: they want to let you know how 'great' a job their doing, when the reality is the Internet is jam packed with bots prowling for open ports and misconfigured system security in order to penetrate & compromise a system. those notices are one manifestation of those probes to your system.

    Whatever firewall/security you decide on, turn down the 'notifications' or you'll go crazy with worry about something a decent firewall does automatically.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you have a few choices when it comes to this issue.

    First, I assume you have a router. Access it through you LAN. Go in to your Internet browser (ie Internet explorer) and enter the local ip (ie this depends on your ISP/router google your to figure out specifics. Fr the control panel manually change your ip and refresh your mac address.

    Or you can go to start>run cmd and once cmd is open type ipconfig renew and that may fix it.

    If you have a WLAN set a password to it

    Get rid of norton and get avg and zone alarm(a much better firewall)

    Hope it helps. I know kids love the Internet and it can get scarry when you get a breach in your security like that.

    Good luck

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    you will have this type of problems when you use norton antivirus and its firewall.

    one thing i will like to ask from you that do have licensed version of norton antivirus if yes then you should first contact norton security center.

    and ya i will not recommend you but request you plz use aviara as your antivirus and comodo firewall its the very best combination

    working for me

    you have asked about best firewall which will not slow your pc


    comodo firewall its best

    plz try this and do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment

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  • Simba
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    Firstly, uninstall Norton and install AVG Antivirus and ZoneAlarm firewall. Both are free, so no subscriptions, and are far superior to Norton in many ways.

    Those portscans happen to everyone, it's just "web noise". The antivirus is just telling you about it so you know... best bet is to ignore them. As long as you have a good firewall going you're safe.

    Source(s): I'm a tech
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go Norton SUPPORT they will back the security system.

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