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For example, a heater labelled 6000W 220V, what happens if you use a fixed power output(6000W) but less than 220V but higher current so that current x voltage = 6000W? Does the appliance still work? thx


If a heat is rated 220V 6000W, then if I use a 6000W output but with 110V and twice as the current, which by IV=P, the power will be still 6000W. Does this heat work?

Update 2:

Please answer this if you are willing to.

What happens to the electric appliance if the current/voltage supplied to it exceeds its requirement?

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    Theoretically, your calculation is correct. Put practically, there are several problems.

    First, doubling the current will cause safety problem.

    Second, the voltage and current are related by the formula


    Therefore, if V is decreased, I will decrease accordingly. So if you want to increase the current with a decreased voltage, you have to decrease R (to 1/4 of its original value). That means you have to replacing the internal parts of your heater. In other words, you have to replace you heater by another one designed to work at 110V with 6000W power. (I'm not sure if you are aware of this.)

    In conclusion, your suggestion is correct, but it means using another heater instead of the original one, and you have to consider the safety problems (eg., overloading the wires, etc.)

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