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有沒有人可以翻譯 "少女情懷總是詩", 希望可以簡潔而有修飾, 謝謝!

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    A young girl's fantasies about love is nothing but a poem.


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    From web and dictionaries, it seems that 少女is better interpreted as adolescent girl. My opinion only!!

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    有沒有人可以翻譯 "少女情懷總是詩", 希望可以簡潔而有修飾, 謝謝!

    The mood of adolescent girls are ever lyrical.

    2008-12-30 11:58:16 補充:

    mood - 心情,心境,情緒

    adolescent - 青春期的

    lyrical - 抒情詩般的;感情豐富的

    2008-12-30 12:11:08 補充:

    Revised as:

    The dream of an adolescent girl is ever lyrical towards love.

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