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急~請問csm申請financial aid?

我是美國綠卡居民,剛來美國居住未滿1年,但年紀已經不小了(30),所以想盡快讀書拿個學歷,想先去college of san mateo上esl的課,可因居住未滿一年,學費超貴,所以想問問能否申請financial aid??

請問-- 我居住未滿一年,可樣也可以申請financial aid嗎??

我只是先去讀esl,可樣也可以申請financial aid嗎??

我已經結婚了,可樣也可以申請financial aid嗎??

申請financial aid,會很困難嗎,我老公是公民有工作,







i asked in MANDARIN, and you replied in bunch of information in english which i've seen on all the website i visited.

why do i even bother to come here to ask help?


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    Typical requirements for residency determination to qualify for in-state tuition include:

    Most states require a durational residency requirement (usually 12 months). Tennessee is the only state that has no durational requirement. Arkansas requires 6 months. Some states require two years, such as California and Arizona .

    In your case, since you live in California , to qualify for in-state tuition, you need to stay in CA for at least 2 years.

    As for financial aid for College of San Mateo , this is the link to its website.


    Basically, since you are a US taxpayer, you are eligible to apply for the financial aid.

    At College of San Mateo , the BOGW is self-verified. Student does not have to provide income verification.

    The Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver is a California Community Colleges financial aid program for California residents that waives the enrollment fees for students.

    Per-unit enrollment fee is set by the California state legislature for all community colleges and is subject to change. The current fee is $20 per unit for identified California resident students.

    To qualify for the BOG fee waiver program, your family income needs to fall within the following range. In your case, if your family member is just you and your husband, your 2007 income should be below $20,535 to qualify for the 2008-2009 BOG fee waiver program.

    Board of Governors Fee Waiver Program


    2008-2009 Income Standards

    Family Size, 2007 Income

    1, $15,315

    2, $20,535

    3, $25,755

    4, $30,975

    See http://collegeofsanmateo.edu/finaid/docs/forms/200...

    If you are applying for the federal financial aid (FSFSA), you must provide tax information. Priority Application Deadline is March 2. However, students can apply year-round.

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    If you are applying for the federal financial aid (FSFSA), you must provide tax information. Priority Application Deadline is March 2. However, students can apply year-round.

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    The amount of aid you will receive depends upon your family's situation. The maximum Pell Grant would be $4,731 per year. The maximum Subsidized Stafford Loan for a first year student is $3,500. Work-study allocations usually begin at $3,500 per year.

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    You have to complete a certain number of units with a minimum GPA of at least 2.0. In addition, you need to maintain an overall completion rate of at least 67% and an overall GPA of at least 2.0. to continue to receive the FSFSA.

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    Provided that you maintain satisfactory academic progress, you can receive Federal Financial Aid until you exceed 150% of the published length of an eligible program. You will have to reapply for Federal Financial Aid every year.


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    請問-- 我居住未滿一年,我只是先去讀esl,我已經結婚了,可樣也可以申請financial aid嗎??

    可以 - see information above.

    申請financial aid,會很困難嗎,我老公是公民有工作,


    可以 - see information above.

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    You need to live at least two years not one year in CA to qualify for the in-state tuition. The only other way is to apply for financial aids. Restrictions are stated above. You can apply for both BOG and FSFSA.

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    I am sorry about that. I was under the impression that you didn't know the answer so you asked. But if you already found the information, you should have already known the answer.

    Source(s): college of san Mateo financial aid office
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    水電電話帳單 汽車稅等



    如要申請補助 要提出報稅證明 如 1040 or W2

    這事直接到貴校註冊組 Register office 詢問較切實

    Good Luck~Jack

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