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Stave III: The Second of the Three Spirits

Scrooge wakes at the stroke of one, confused to find it is still night. After a time he rises and finds the second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, in an adjoining room, on a throne made of Christmas food and drink. This spirit, a great genial man in a green coat lined with fur, takes him through the bustling streets of London on the current Christmas morning, sprinkling the essence of Christmas onto the happy populace. They observe the meagre but happy Christmas celebrations of the Cratchit family and the sweet nature of their "forgotten" son Tiny Tim, and when the Spirit foretells an early death for the child if things remain unchanged, Scrooge is distraught. He is shown what others think of him: the Cratchits toast him, but reluctantly, and "a shadow was cast over the party for a full five minutes". Scrooge's nephew and his friends gently mock his miserly behavior at their Christmas party, but Fred maintains his uncle's potential for change, and Scrooge demonstrates a childlike enjoyment of the celebrations.

They travel far and wide, and see how even the most wretched of people mark Christmas in some way, whatever their circumstances. The Ghost, however, grows visibly older, and explains he must die that night. He shows Scrooge two pitiful children huddled under his robes who personify the major causes of suffering in the world, "Ignorance" and "Want", with a grim warning that the former is especially harmful. At the end of the visitation, the bell strikes twelve. The Ghost of Christmas Present vanishes and the third spirit appears to Scrooge.


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    開孔 3: 這三個烈酒的第二個

    在一的筆劃的吝嗇鬼守夜,混亂發現它靜止的是夜晚。 在次之後,在一個鄰接的房間中,在以聖誕節食物和飲料製成的王座上,他上升而且發現第二精神,出席的聖誕的鬼。 這精神,一個偉大的和藹男人穿戴與毛皮一起排成一行的一件綠色的外套,在現在的聖誕節早晨經過倫敦的熙熙攘攘街道拿他,在快樂的平民之上灑水聖誕節的本質。 他們觀察瘦的


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    醒來派對在中風的一個,混淆找到它仍然是夜晚。過了一會兒,他上升,並認為第二的精神,幽靈的聖誕禮物,在隔壁房間裡,就取得王位的聖誕食品和飲料。這種精神,偉大的和煦的男子在一個綠色外衣襯毛皮,帶他通過熙熙攘攘的街道,倫敦目前的聖誕節早晨,噴灌的本質聖誕節到民眾的幸福。他們觀察微薄的,但慶祝聖誕快樂的Cratchit家庭和甜性質的“被遺忘的”小添的兒子,當精神預示著一個過早死亡的兒童如果事情保持不變,派對是心煩意亂。他是表現出別人怎麼想他說: Cratchits祝酒辭的,但他不情願地和“影子鑄造了黨的全部五分鐘。 ”派對的侄子和他的朋友們輕輕地模擬他的吝嗇行為在聖誕晚會,但弗雷德保持他的叔叔潛在的變化,顯示出派對孩子享受的慶祝活動。

    他們雲遊四方,看看即使是最可憐的人慶祝聖誕節在某種程度上,無論其情況。幽靈然而,老年人越來越明顯,並解釋了他必須死,那天晚上。派對他表明兩個可憐的孩子擠在他的長袍誰人格化的主要根源痛苦的世界, “無知”和“希望” ,並警告說,嚴峻的前尤其是有害的。在結束探視,鐘罷工12 。幽靈的聖誕禮物消失和第三的精神似乎派對。

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