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當Twilight剛暫台灣上映時,我就去看了,但沒想到他會讓我如此著迷,我原先對Herry Potter那類的科幻片沒多大興趣,但自從看了Twilight之後,我開始對這類的片子產生興趣。您在這本書中揭開吸血鬼神秘的面紗,顛覆了我們對於吸血鬼那恐怖又陰森的想法,原來吸血鬼也像人類一樣,是需要真愛的,當我和同學們一起去電影院欣賞這部影片時,我們都沉浸其中,希望自己能化身為女主角,因為這實在是太浪漫了!我們看完電影後,二話不說,買了您的著作來拜讀。






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    Dear Stephenie(一般在美國都直接叫名字了 比較親切)

    Hello! This is Maggie from Taiwan and I really do enjoy reading your Twilight series, so I decided to write you a letter to tell you how much I love this book.

    I watched the movie when it first came out, and I totally fell in love with it. I wasn't a big fan of science fiction movie, so I wasn't into Harry Potter or anything. However, after Twilight movie, I started to grow interest of science fiction movie. In Twilight, you discover and open up the vampires' secret behind their mask. Overthrew the traditional ideas that I used to think of vampire, scary and gloomy. Vampires are just like us humans, we all need true love. When I was watching the movie with my friends, we were sank into the story and we wish we were Bella, this movie is far too romantic! It's UNBEARABLE.(Edward's favorite word) Of course, right after the movie, I ran to the book store and got the book. Even though Twilight is a book about vampires, but I acknowledge from that news that you don't appreciate when the medias use "sex" and "violent" on Twilight. Now there are only Twilight and New Moon in Taiwan, but I really want to read the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! It's unbearable to wait for so long for them to come out in Taiwan! Lastly, I was hoping that if you can make the movie premiere the same date throughout the whole global, I can't wait any longer!

    P.S. It would be an honor if you reply me back, I will be truly appreciate your the time and effort to read through my letter and even reply! I will definitely sure it with my classmates!

    Looking forward for you reply.








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    Hello! I am live in Taiwan's Maggie, I like book Twilight which very much you write, therefore I want to write a letter personally tell you.

    When Twilight just temporarily Taiwan screened, I looked, but had not thought that he will let me so be in a stew, I originally to Herry Potter that kind of science fiction film not big interest, but after looking at Twilight, I start to this kind of flat and thin piece to have the interest. You opened blood suck ghost in a veil of mystery in this book, has subverted us regarding blood suck ghost that terror the gloomy idea, originally the blood suck ghost also looked like the humanity to be the same, was needs to love really, when I and schoolmates went together the movie theater appreciated this movie, we immerse in which, hoped that oneself could the incarnation be the leading lady, because this was really too romantic! After we watch the movie, without demur, bought your work to read.

    Although this book is about the blood suck ghost story, but I from the newspaper knew that you insisted does not use the media affection to use “the sex” and “the violence”, let the human look has not only not been afraid also immerses in the middle of the novel situation. At present Taiwan only leaves one, two volumes, but I really very wants to look that three, four volumes, hoped can a bit faster distribute! Finally, I want to ask a your matter, is can let the movie second volume of world synchronization screen, because I was impatient!

    If P.S. all kinds are honored, can receive your reply, I will feel grateful extremely, and I will share schoolmate who will give all personnel!

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