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My SUMP PUMP Has Smoke/Steam coming from it as water poors in over it?

Is this a hazard or is it normal and safe for me to go to bed, instead of unplugging it every 20 minutes and plugging it in for 5. I would love to sleep but will not til I know it's safe to sleep for a few.....Live in NH relatively warm tonight, which is ABNORMAL so water is coming in like crazy.


its in my finished basement w/ 2 occupied bedrooms...neither my plumber uncle or plumber cousin are answering their phones.

Update 2:

my sump is submersible it has its own hole in the basement, my main wonder is if it is because of COLD water running in on the warm/hot motor or not.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The smoke & steam means it's hot. I'd say your float switch maybe bad and your pump is constantly running making it hot. If you unplug it the water will rise to the water level in the ground & stop, this normally will be just above the 3 or 4 pipes that empty into the pit. As more water drains in the area around your home the water will rise slowly in the tank. You can test the float switch by unplugging the pump & then separate the two plugs. The plug that plugs into the back of the front plug is the pump, plug it back into the wall, if it pimps out the water the pump is ok. Put the two plugs back together let the water fill till it cover the top of the pump by a few inches then plug it in, if the pump comes on & removes the water then the float is operating ok for now but, it could be going bad & should be replaced. If no water is pumped out replace the switch.

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  • 4 years ago

    the sump pump may run often my neibour had there house in the subdivion on top of a place the a creek used to run . the builder just dug the foundation ran pumps all the time got the fondation done and then built a house . the people had no idea there home was on top of a creek . that pump ran like that for 20 years and i suppose it still does i dont live there anymore. other problems can cause this too does you home have the ground slope away from the house . is the sump pump putting the water far enough away that it is not just going back done into the ground that is just left. at any rate. i can tell you this i had another house in a town that all the homes that were built were in water and they had the pumps going to make the foundation all the same stuff. but when i bought the house i did not think hey what if the pump fails. well it did fail and when i got home there was water up too the second step on the stairs. solution have two pumps one can be set to up in the same hole but higher so it only comes on if the other fails or is over worked.

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  • Don
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    No sump pump motor I've seen was intended to be submerged in water. Most sump pumps have an automatic float valve that turns them off and on. If yours doesn't have this, you're in for some short nights, and your sump pump motor probably isn't going to last very long.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it's smoking, I would leave it unplugged and call another plumber to come and check it out. Is there a 24/7 plumber around?" If there is I suggest you give one of them a call.

    It needs to be checked out. I would not go to sleep until this is fixed.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    keep it unpluged sounds like a hazard to me for sure

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