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what is that movie from the late 70's/early eighties about kids messing up christmas?

i don't remember the name, any actors. or the exact year it came out. i only remember watching it around 1984. the kids were going to be in a christmas program but they would do horrible things like steal from the offering plate in church, one girl stuck her gum to the pew, and somehow the kids ruined the program.

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    The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1983 TV movie)

    starring Loretta Swit, Jackson Davies, Anthony Holland, Fairuza Balk, Ocean Hellman

    IMDb review:

    Take a typical middle-class family (the Bradleys) involved in a typical middle-class church Christmas pageant, a little uptight and steeped in tradition, and throw in some lower-class ruffian kids (the Herdmans) who take starring roles.

    Here's one site where copies are available:


    I'm not sure why this film isn't aired every December because it's hilarious and honest. I can remember being in many Christmas pageants, with the occasional "wild child" or more taking part in the production. Or, should that be "taking apart"? Barbara Robinson adapted the teleplay from her novel.

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