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my pc has like 500 trojans on it what does this mean and can i fix it or remove them?

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    You are infected with spyware if:

    * You see too much pop-up advertisements.

    * Your browser has toolbars that you haven't installed.

    * Your homepage has changed (and you can't change it back).

    * Other settings have changed without your permission.

    * Your computer is slow.

    To get rid of spyware and keep your computer clean you can use an antispyware or even more.

    You can download a antispyware software. There are 10 good anti-spywares.

    here is the reviews:

    You can download one and scan your system.

    All are safe and can be trusted.

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    Yes you can (attempt) to first fix this using the following methodology:

    First of all it's important to turn System Restore OFF so any infection that you remove is not restored. Secondly, I can recommend scanning with:

    * McAfee Stinger - a standalone trojan virus scan utility.

    * SpyBot S&D - For spyware/adware

    * Lavasoft Adware - For spyware/adware

    It's important you scan with up-to-date definitions with all of these utilities and that it's done in a logical order. I can recommend a great guide to removing viruses, spyware and adware from My Slow PC - find it here:

    Let me know how you get on with following that guide, you'll notice there are some advance steps but we'll take this one at a time.

    Source(s): - For general SLOW PC issues, e.g. viruses, trojans, defrag etc - Spyware, adware and virus removal steps
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    How to remove Fake Software, Pop-Ups, Spyware, Trojans and Viruses:

    Download, install, update and scan your computer with both Malwarebytes and SuperantiSpyware, delete what ever they find, if this fails to completely remove the virus/spyware download then update Avast and run a boot scan (click schedule boot-time scan and restart your PC), all the software below is free and safe to use.



    Avast Anti-Virus:

    To protect your PC in the future you'll need to install anti-virus software and a firewall, id recommend using Avast and Comodo Pro firewall both are very effective and completely free, you should also switch to Firefox 3 if you are browsing with IE as its much safer and a lot easier to use. (links on my profile)

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    i prefer to advise the microsoft risk-free practices application Onecare. it does all of it. i've got been utilising it for the previous one 12 months now and have under no circumstances had any virus, trojent or secret agent ware issues. in actuality it's going to prmpt you whilst a secret agent ware, virus or trojent is at steak and could advise an action to be deployed and fixes all different subject concerns on the pc like defragment and tunning up your pc. you are able to study greater approximately it and attempt it loose for a month or so. examine it out from the positioning bellow.

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    i highly doubt you have 500 trojans unless you are talking about condoms. that's actually possible. it may just be different parts of some of the same infection/infections you are seeing in your results. if you had that many different trojans your pc would absolutely not run

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    Holy crap 500 trojans? That's alot!

    Don't bother with anti-virus software, Just re-install Windows. It'll be less hassle, and less chance any of them will survive. Anti virus software doesn't get rid of all trojans/viruses, and you have 500, Chances are atleast 1 or 2 will survive, and you don't want that!

    So just reinstall windows. It'll be easier all round.

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    if you have a virus protector such as windows live update (PREFFERED)any will work though(clamwin is FREE!!!!0 but it will popup and you can remove trojans from there or go to virus protection center on your pc you usaully get trojans from down of websites such as lime wire or frostwire or any related websites but they are easily removed and donot cause major harm to your pc but you do need them off

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    you should download AVG free edtion antivirus n 30 days trail of any antivirus from net. Install it and remove ur virus.

    Source(s): , eset , kaspersky etc
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    Spybot Search and Destroy

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