How can i figure out the master password? ?

So, I have an eMac that i have had since 2002. I was nine years old when I set the administrative master password. Now i have no idea what it is. I really need to reset and update it because all the sofware is soooo old. Is there anyway I can hack it and get the password?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm not much of a Mac person, but had to deal with this at work recently. If the eMac is running OS X, you can boot from the OSX Install CD, Click on the Restart icon, but instead of reinstalling OSX, There's a Utilities menu with a choice of "Reset Password". Thats it. There is an additional hardware protection, and that's more difficult. You need to remove a battery from the system to clear that protection if enabled and that usually means bringing the system to an apple store to have it reset.

    If you have an older mac version, I understand that you can boot from the CD and remove all "Multiple User Preferences" or something like that.

    Bringing it to an apple store is also an option if the above options fail.

    Hope these help.

  • 3 years ago

    nicely u first might desire to log in..then circulate to initiate and then click on ur advatar aka image. and then there it could be in there..yet once you cant even get in..u might desire to take it to somebody who's conscious a thank you to hack passwords.

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