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Hmm, well, I have recently begun to become concerned about my mental state, hahaha?

I don't even really know where to start, so I'll blurt it all out in one question.

A lot of the time, I feel extremely 'depressed' [I mean I feel down, the word depressed is thrown around far too often. But then again, these feelings have been reoccurring for a number of years], I don't know why.

I find it a huge difficulty to maintain a conversation/acting like I'm interested in what someone is saying, and I only need to be alone, and for no one to speak to me [but this is only sometimes please bear in mind].

And, well, I think I drink a little too much - when I'm sitting at home at night without alcohol I feel 'lost' for the want of a better word - like, when I'm watching television or whatever, I always think 'this would be much better with alcohol', and I do think about alcohol quite a bit.

And also, maybe the thing that's worrying me most, is that - sometimes I feel quite disorientated, it kind of scares me and I don't know why I feel like that.

I really don't mean to sound like a hypochondriac, but any suggestions as to what the hell is going on would be much appreciated.

Thanks. :)


Sandra - I fail to see what the hell that had to do with my question. I do not think I'm crazy. Now please **** off and concern yourself with something you actually know a damn thing about. :)

Update 2:

Em, I'd like to add that I'm *not* depressed.

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    Most likely it's just a developing alcohol dependency. If you feel bored without it. When I was about 14-15 I went through that. I couldn't sit in school without my vodka filled water bottle. I felt like I would go crazy if I didn't have it. I was dependant on it. I knew that but I wouldn't allow myself to stop it because I enjoyed it, and I knew with alcohol I could just be myself, and there was no limit to it. I quit it altogether though, a month after my 16th birthday. That probably helps in no way, but it's the best I could do.

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    I am sorry you feel that way.

    You should definitely talk to a qualified person. It is very difficult to diagnose any condition without more information about all sorts of symptoms and things you have experienced.

    it might be a phase, it might be a clinical condition. But either way it can be treated very successfully over a period of time,

    The good thing is you are aware of the fact that something is not all right. You want to feel better and that is the best way to address those situations.

    Try to mantain yourself busy. Work and creativity are the best cure for any kinds of sadness and so it physical work, sport, dance.

    As you love music so much, you should really join some dance thing..either Jazz, or Zumba, whatever you can get where you live. I have felt over the years, that dancing is such a great catharsis. People who dance are happier, relaxed and live very long lives! Don't think I am kiddin' cause I am not! When I am pissed or sad, I crank my music really loud and dance...trying to release all that tension.

    Also be sure that the age you are living right now is part of the problem, as it is a major turning point in life to become really adult.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon amiga!

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    If I can, I want to tell you what worked for me in the past. I am an alcoholic. I can't drink or I wind up in real trouble (almost died at a young age due to my drinking) I found for me that I had to stop because I was waking up shaking. You may want to slow down on the drinking. Only you can say if you are drinking too much.

    As for the other stuff, I still go through things like that, and when I do I find that writing down my feelings (either on a computer or in a journal) is really helpful. When my problems are written down, they lose some of their power, and don't seem so overwhelming.

    Good luck, and if you ever want to talk, feel free to e-mail me.

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    Suzy I'm a drinker, and yes I still drink, not like I used to, a year or so ago. I always had to have a beer or a shot of rum in my hands. Today I still like to party and I still like to drink. But not as much anymore. And when I did drink a little more than now it never affected me whether it was work or not. Why? Because when I drink I drink because I like to, watching a hocky game, playing guitar, sitting in the back yard. But when I party I do put it away.

    All I can say is your going through a phase, it's got nothing to do with being depressed or crazy. I think from your question, you seem to have a lot of things on your mind at this time. And you are trying to deal with them. And that is being called sane.

    I believe everything will work out for you, just hang in there friend and everything will come around.

    take care, will be thinking of you


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    Don't feel like a hypochondriac, because depression is something very difficult to deal with. You must realize that life will pick up, and that seeking light from a bottle is not always the way to go. If you are a religious person I do encourage that you seek help from god, and perhaps ask for help. However if you are not religious, always stay active whether this is more interaction with your family or you mother, because often family can be a beacon of hope.

    Remember that not everyone is sociable, and I myself can relate to your issue of not being interested in others conversations, this is normal also. It is impressive you wanted seek help and if you feel your depression is real you need to seek further help - I suggest your mother, family or a phsycologist - remember once more life will pick up!

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  • gldjns
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    You know, when I was in my teens I had that same, sort of detached feeling. I felt different from my friends, and sometimes just wanted everyone to bug off. What you may be going through is hormonal changes in your body, and that can also screw up your emotions and feelings. Maybe some counseling would help, just to be able to talk to someone and get some feedback. You are not alone with these weird feelings. It seems that many young people experience the same thing. It will pass eventually, and things will seem more normal. Good luck and God bless!

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  • Huevo
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    There's some great answers on this page. I just want to add maybe cut back a little on the alcohol and see how that works. I used to drink a ton and it would definitely bring me down. It seemed to mask what was going on within my head. These days I don't drink anywhere as much, a few beers here and there, and my mental health seems to have recovered a tremendous amount. Maybe this is the answer, maybe not. It all varies from person to person. I just wish you luck in finding your way through it.

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    Maybe it is the effect of alcohol. Just a thought. Try going without it and join volunteer organizations so you have something to do with your time that is constructive and helpful to society.

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    I used to have that problem for a while up until last year. That's when it got replaced with depression not stemming from that, but problems my drinking & substance abuse caused around me & in my life. I'm not saying you have an addiction, especially since I quit cold turkey myself last year. However I can say I was bored, very bored with my life. I liked going out & getting sloshed. I sat around & drank at home, because I was bored. What I was bored of what was my life. Some people though of me as a party guy, but I kept getting more & more bored all the time even though some people thought I had a fun life--it wasn't. Not to mention people in the music scene or that came to it around me had become addicts. The one thing I saw that I liked though was seeing friends of mine in recent years, who got married & started having kids. They seemed to be really happy even though they weren't getting out as much. Things like entertainment, art & culture I found weren't really giving me the joy I thought they would, so ideas I had about getting into it & having fun with it wasn't having the same appeal as it used to. I found for all the knowledge there is, all the material things there's to gain or have, all the money to have, all the career goals there is to achieve--I found those things didn't really make a person feel complete. Even though there's things out there I do want to do in science now, even if I ever got a nobel prize, invented something great, came up with a cure, or wrote great books, no matter even when something is a career I'd enjoy working at, it still doesn't take care of an empty place. Having lots of friends is nice, but having really good friends to talk to is even better. As good as that is though, I have to admit when a person has someone special in their life, it's a lot better. I don't want to sound preachy, but feeling God might help eventually, helped me to get through things even though I was angry with God too. Someone also in a the last couple of months made me feel a lot better, where others couldn't so much. It also helps to rethink about what you want to do & if it's really what you want to do. Also a career will never replace people who a person cares about no matter what is said by some. It's good to have a life away from just a career & got to not just have fun or getting a bit enebriated. I'd say fill the empty bored part of your life--I could say with God, but I'm not trying to be preachy, but besides that I recommend finding someone special for you to meet & just going to bars isn't where to meet people like that either especially since a lot of people by last call are a bunch enebriated by then. Find some nice people to meet, who you might have things in common with about things you enjoy & just talking about music & technical science details isn't enough either. I'd say someone for you to watch tv with. I know you said things about being alone, but sometimes that's because possibly is there a possiblity that you don't have people around talking about things you want to talk about. Perhaps meeting new friends that understand you on a deeper or personal level better will help. Perhaps you're more grown up mentally than some people you see everyday. So meeting some friends who relate better on your level might help. A lot more people have gone the same thing, but some people sadly never address the issue. I waited too long & it got me in a world of crap that I'm still dealing with the afteraffects of, besides trying to repair the damage. In other words a lot of people who haven't addressed this are existing as zombies as far as a life goes. Drinks, substances never fixed that for me, it just made me lose track of problems to fix off & on, & I lost time while it wasn't getting addressed. Sometimes you gotta just say **** that, this is boring. Watching movies for example is always better with someone. Find some people to laugh with too. God helps too.

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    • Here this website might help:

    • OR

    • …………………………………………………………..

    • Go see a doctor and tell him how you are feeling, listen to what he says, then follow his advice.

    • Or

    • Go see a doctor and tell her how you are feeling, listen to what she says, then follow her advice.

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