Favorite female singer in pop/rock not named Aretha Franklin?

I'll go with Anne Wilson of Heart.


Aretha is in a class by herself.

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    OMG!!!!!!!!! You beat me to Ann Wilson!! This is so freaky, I'm doing housework (wifework) and to get through it I listen to my ipod, and I just listened to "Alone" 3 times in a row! That girl can wail!!!!!!!!

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    Bonnie Raitt

    Lucinda Williams

  • Janis Joplin!!!!......She is one of the queens of rock.

    Diana Ross [of The Supremes]


    Mariah Carey

    Deborah Harry [of Blondie]

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    Chrissie Hynde for me.

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    She is great--

    I like Linda Ronstadt, also


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