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Does anyone really know what happened to Martin Johnson and Hanna Beth?

It's been bugging me for a while now, I'm a huge fan of the band Boys Like Girls and a while back I saw pictures of Martin Johnson, the front-man, and Hanna Beth, the scene queen, kissing. I did some research and found out they were together, which I thought was pretty cute, but then I heard a little while after that they broke up and Hanna started dating Trace Cyrus (the brother of Disney star Miley Cyrus)

I was wondering if anyone knew EXACTLY why Martin and Hanna broke up and can actually give me the internet link to a reliable source that tells the story.

Allot to ask I know but I adore Martin and I'm rather confused.


Yes I know Martin Johnson is the name of an English rugby player but I'm not talking about him, the two people just happen to have the same name

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    apparently, she cheated on him with matt good. martin and hanna are still friends and he gets along with trace.

    you might want to check the archives of fueled_bygossip. livejournal. com. sometimes martin comments there although, last i remember, he wouldn't answer questions about him and hanna beth.

    Source(s): ~fan of boys like girls~ oh, you could check the comments thread of his website too.
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    Thought Martin Johnson was the England rugby coach.

  • i read (i think it was in martin says that it did'nt work out..i don't know why..sorry

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