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Bike computer on MTN bike....?

is it a good idea to put a computer on my mtn bike or kinda ptnless

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    Sure it is, for pretty much the same reasons you use one on a road bike. I've always use a computer when I XC ride. For just jumping etc it has little value but for XC it is relevant.

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    What do you want the computer to do?

    I have used cycle computers on my mountain bike. If I am planning a ride with my club, time, miles and climb become important - especially if I want to keep a good pace and not have the riders getting board.

    In addition to these fetures, I have been looking at computers with heart rate monitors. Now a roadie will tell you that, after a while your heart rate becomes predictable or whatnot. However, there are some killer hills off road and keeping an eye on your heart rate is a good indicator of fitness.

    However, I now tend to use my mobile phone. It has a program called sports tracker, which is linked to the phones gps system. This allows me to map my speed, distance climbed, fastest and slowest bits, as well at putting my route onto a map (with pickies).

    To answer your question, it is worth doing, depending upon what info you need.


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    speed and distance do not recommend something on an exercising motorbike. intensity and length are what you will possibly desire to be observing. purchase your self a heart cost demonstrate screen and study a thank you to apply it to degree the intensity of your attempt. study to do your rides at various intensities, you ought to take "worry-free" days the place your objective is in simple terms to pedal easily and permit your self some lively restoration. maximum cyclists use time on running shoes or exercising motorcycles to artwork on pedaling technique, studying to pedal extra easily and effectively. different workouts might properly be carried out off the motorbike. I even have been to spin instructions the place instructors have been attempting to get us to do issues different than pedaling, the cyclists in the gang handed over the instructor on the same time as the others in the gang have been doing all styles of leaping around on the motorcycles

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    I don't see the point

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