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What Would It Be Like If Either Brian Burke Or Brian Cashman Was The General Manager Of The New York Islanders?

We Need A General Manager That Can Build A Contender Right Away With The Proper Players.


Please Be Honest With Me.

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    they would try to build the team up the right way by drafting quality players and signing someone worthwile instead of guys like jon sim and andy hilbert. they would also put the same system in both the ahl and nhl so the players develop into the same system and can make a smoother transaction from ahl to nhl. that will help the islanders younger players develop properly instead of just coming up and scrambling to play.

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    Yes they can be Contenders Yes but Champions NO, The Honest Truth.

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    They could be better with a new GM, but more importantly a new owner. But the Milbury/Snow hole is dug too deep to be a real contender any time soon with the current cap and financial situations.

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