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Why is Israel attacking Palestein again?

What is Israel's main reason for the attacks?

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    Israel has been being attack on a daily basis for over 3 weeks now by Rocket Attacks from Hamas within the Gaza Strip.

    Israel asked and pretty much begged the people of that area to get their Government to stop the attacks. The attacks killed many Israelis.

    Israel returned with a Precision Air Strike against Terrorist Targets. Yes they killed some civilians and that is not a good thing. But they tried their best to only hit the terrorists and their centers.

    And Israel did a pretty damn good job at it too. Hamas even admitted today that every single one of their Centers was hit by the attacks.

    So on one hand you have a Cowardly Terrorist Group that runs the Governments of the nations they are in that launch Blind Rocket Attacks at anyone they can hit and kill.

    And on the other hand you have a Nation that responds with a Precise Military Air Strike that targets only Terrorists.

    Oh and by the way, the VAST Majority of those killed were not innocent civilians but instead the terrorists from Hamas!

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    The Israelis want to look nice to the world so they can take back the West Bank and Gaza strips they have conceded to the Palestinians under the guise of terrorist attacks.So why are they targeting civilians-this time there were no terrorists hiding behind women and children-in fact-the Israelis killed a growing number of CIVILIAN Palestinian men, women, and children. Because the poorly or no armed civilian, NOT terrorists, Palestinians are defending their land and family from the occupying Israelis-what would YOU do if someone bulldozes your house, steals your land for settlements and buffer zones (NO ENUMERATION), brutalizes, rapes and kills your family, shuts off your power, water, food, and medical supplies,does not allow you to work and only allows enough necessities under the guise of humanitarian aide that they created the need for. The Israelis have conceded the West Bank and Gaza strips to the Palestinians- so why are they still there, ILLEGALLY,dividing up the land-the US, their staunchest supporter,have asked them numerous times to end this aggressive tactic-they refuse and ask for, and, get more US tax payer money to continue doing this.

    JUST what would YOU do if the American Indians did this and the US government could not protect you-just what would you do to save your land and lives?

    The Israelis killed in one day, more people(MOST CIVILIANS) than the Hamas killed in six months-this is over kill-they want the Hamas, not the civilians.The Hamas will stop when Israel LEAVES the West Bank and Gaza strips. I do not see ANY civilian or even any terrorist groups doing to the Israeli civilians what the Israeli military is doing to the CIVILIAN Palestinians under the guise of revenge on the terrorist organizations-how does theis justify stealing land and outright murder of CIVILIAN Palesinians-the Israelis are doing what the Nazis did to them -LEAVE OR DIE-PHASE II-eliminate the Palestinian problem-gassing.

    Again, why are the Israelis occupying the West Bank and Gaza strips-why do they not leave-then they would have a right to protect themslves, but now, they kill civilian Palestinians? They have a crack team of elite commandos-why are they killing civilians?Why-they should kill terrorists-none were hiding among women and children-they used broad based bombs to do the most killing? I guess they determined unarmed men, women-many holding respectable positions such as police persons, and children(during school hours) were a threat and an easy target to show the terrorists their might. Next, amass an invasion force to eliminate the Palestinian problem-LEAVE OR DIE-this is getting old. Then they will say they did not attack anyone-just LEAVE OR DIE-if you don't leave, our(Israeli) bombs and weapons will KILL you-LEAVE OR DIE-seems that is what the Nazis did to the Jews-sound familiar.


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    hear, you could hate Israel in case you desire, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that that is thoroughly unrealistic to call for its un-introduction. no be counted if or no longer you compromise that it is going to have been created (that's additionally beside the point through fact none of you have been alive while it became created to have a real cautioned place) the reality of the priority is that that is right here, and barring some significant act of genocide that's right here to stay. 6 million Jews who stay in there won't abruptly disappear for the reason which you think of Israel could be in Zimbabwe (i anticipate you meant Uganda, yet notwithstanding). If peace is definitely what you're after, then that style of rhetoric is ineffective and counterproductive. lots of you're saying issues like "what can Hamas do yet combat?". I answer you: they could negotiate. communicate. lots of you element to background, so i'll as properly. conflict has *never* worked for the arab/Palestinian reason. conflict lost Jordan the West economic employer, Egypt the Sinai peninsula and Gaza and Syria the Golan Heights. to verify, speaking and negotiating have been given Egypt the Sinai decrease back. If peace is your very final purpose, then make it your very final purpose. Any peace deal will result by negotiation and compromise. attempting to cow the Israeli public in simple terms in simple terms won't artwork, and as you yourselves placed it, the Palestinian armed strikes are militarily overmatched. settle for which you will no longer get each thing you desire, and that the different ingredient has a element. it is the commencing up of peace, no longer lobbing rockets. in simple terms as an informative element: the rocket assaults have never ceased, this became in basic terms an incredibly large attack. the clarification for the surprising surge in rockets became to distract the IDF. whilst this attack became going yet another cellular tried to circulate into Israel and kidnap greater infantrymen. They have been unsuccessful.

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    Because Hamas launched rocket attacks into Israeli civilian areas.

    I wish these Hamas supporters would go to Gaza and watch the cowardly Hamas terrorists in action. Watch how they hide among civilians to ensure their deaths in an attempt to turn the world against Israel.

    It's so obvious....

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    I believe on meet the press this morning an Israeli official said that Israel has been being attacked with rocket and mortar fire for two days before they retaliated. Although I heard only one Israeli was killed.

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    They are not attcking the Palestinians just the Hamas terrorists. Why? Simple. Hamas bombs Israel daily. Even Fatah the Palestinian leader says today " hamas caused this massacre ". Even most arab governments agree Hamas deserved this. Only a fool would differ.

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    You could probably come back in thirty years time and ask the same question. You have to ask, do either of them WANT peace between them, to the outside world, it appears the answer is NO.

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    Because Palestine/Hamas attacked Israel first.

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    Because Hamas hasn't stopped firing rockets into Israel that why. They have had enough so now they are hitting them hard.

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    Because Palestine started firing missiles at Israel first. Shouldn't they defend themselves?

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