I wake up from my early stage sleep gasping for air?

I wake up from my early stage sleep gasping for air, It last about 10-20 secondes then im fine, It might hapen again in the same night . I get up yealing wich wakes up my family as im gasping for air thinking im gana die but have no pain.I checked my blood pressure some times and it looks normal 138 - 90- 95. This has been going on for the last 6 months or so. I dont have healt insurance right now and dont have the money to pay for expencive tests. friends a family tell me its a panic attack. I dont know what to do, i stay awake and cry cuss i fear its going to hapen again. Im so sleepy and tierd right now i had the attac 30 min. ago.Is the any help for me out there? Help me


Im 6'2 ,160 lb over all good healt

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    1 decade ago
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    Rather than a panic attack I would wonder about sleep apnea. Do you have enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids? When we fall into sleep the muscles relax and naturally the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses a little leading to snoring in some and in more severe cases sleep apnea where the airway is blocked off for a second. The abrupt wake-up is your brains way of saying "danger!". You must get worked up by a Dr. and have a sleep study done where they will monitor your breathing, pulse and even brain waves overnight to figure out the cause. For now try taking an anti-inflammatory before bed and sleep with your head propped as much as is comfortable, this will help to keep your airway open. Don't freak yourself out about it, it is a very treatable problem, just find a Dr. you can afford, possibly a low-cost clinic will be able to help you. Good luck.

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    4 years ago

    Have you ever had a sleep study done? I find it amazing that your doctors fail to diagnose what is obviously sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea wake up gasping for air because their palate and other breathing apparatus become too relaxed in a sleep state. As a result, the palate can block the windpipe and cause you to stop breathing for short periods of time. Do you snore regularly? Are you overweight? Sleep apnea is easily treated by wearing a breathing aid called a CPAP machine that forces air into your lungs and keeps the airway clear. It may not seem harmful since you wake up but what you may not realize is that for every time you awaken gasping, there are a dozen or more times when you have stopped breathing for a minute or more. When this happens you are snapped out of REM sleep and have to get back to that state all over again. This can cause sleep deprivation and even mental illness. See a sleep specialist now!

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    You sound like you have sleep apnea which is causing you to be sooo tired and waking up frequently. What happens is that either your tonsils or uvula or both are obstructing your airway at night when you are sleeping which causes you to wake up frequently and you don't get a good nights sleep. You need to have a sleep study to definitively diagnosed your condition and also to see a ear nose and throat doctor. Also your blood pressure is not normal is a little bit on the high side and that not good for you either. This is something you shouldn't put off just because you don't have health insurance.

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    You may have sleep apnea but that is only determined by tests in the sleep lab. It is important to have it checked out because during an episode you aren't breathing. There are a number of factors that contribute to it and the cause is different for different people.

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    you may have sleep apnea and or asthma. 138/90 is a considered high especially the 90-95 on the bottom. Go to a free clinic.

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    It sounds like sleep apnea. Go to webmd.com and check it out. Most large cities have free testing (they get grant money from Pharm. Co to test new products) and need people to test on. Most of these will pay you to participate in their program. I understand how you feel, I have the same problem.

    Source(s): webmd.com
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